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You can now customize Nintendo Switch button layouts + move games to an SD

You can now customize your Switch button layout for Joy-Con and Pro Controllers as part of the latest firmware update for Nintendo’s current generation consoles. Now available for all Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles, the latest update finally brings the much-desired feature alongside the ability to move your downloaded games between an SD card and the internal system memory, among other things. Hit the jump for more details.

Customize Switch button layout:

Unlike Xbox and PS4, Switch gamers have been asking how to remap the controls for way too long now. A feature that likely should have been available from the jump and one Wii U supported for the Virtual Console titles, button customization is now ready to go on current generation machines. While some games supported custom controller layouts already, this firmware update provides system-wide setups.

Considering how each Joy-Con can work as its own controller for certain games, especially couch co-op, not to mention the optional vertical/horizontal orientations for the analog stick on one-handed titles, customized Switch button layouts is a near game changer for some players. I mean, just the ability to swap the A and B buttons around for some games (the jump button will be opposite of what some gamers basically require) makes a huge difference.

You can now save up to five different preset custom Switch button layouts for each paired controller, and while the whole thing might not be as extensive as Xbox options, it is a welcomed addition. Remap the triggers, swap the A and B buttons, or the ability to change the orientation of the analog stick are all included here. Just note, this is only for Joy-Con, the actual Switch Lite buttons, and Nintendo’s Pro Controller, none of the third-party options out there are supported.

Move downloaded games to SD and back

Can you move Nintendo Switch games from the SD? No, until now that is. Another notable feature outside of customizable Switch button layouts is the ability to move your downloaded games around. One of the most annoying parts of the Switch system was that if you wanted to move a game from say an SD card to the internal storage (or vice versa), you had to completely re-download said title. But that is no more. Now, Switch owners can move “downloadable software, update data, and DLC” via the System Settings option in the HOME menu. There, you’ll see the option to “Move Data Between System / microSD Card.”

9to5Toys’ Take:

Whether it’s for switching between platformers and fighting games or just for sharing the controller with those who might prefer a different setup, the ability to customize Switch button layout is here and we appreciate it regardless of how long it took to happen. As for the ability to move our games around and such, finally Nintendo. There is still some update data that appears as though it’s not included here and we still don’t have the choice of using folders to organize it all, but considering how far we are into the Switch cycle at this point, we’ll take what we can get.

If your Nintendo Switch hasn’t downloaded the firmware update automatically, you can kick it into gear yourself using these simple steps.

Image source: Kotaku

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

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