Razer Kaira Pro + Wolverine V2 Review: Custom controls on the Series X|S [Video]

Razer has released the Kaira and Kaira Pro headsets and Wolverine V2 wired controller, and they’re aimed at players who want more control on the new Series X and S. Taking technology from their PC line of gaming headset and refining the design of their console controllers, the new suite adds some great options for those looking to get more out of their Xbox Series X|S gaming experience. Head below to watch the video and see all the details on the Razer Kaira Pro and Wolverine V2. 

Kaira Pro out of the box and design 

First off, let’s take a look at the Kaira Pro. This was a part of the ultimate comparison we just did, but I hadn’t finished a complete review of this headset yet before finishing that comparison. Be sure to check out that post and video for more thoughts on some of the Kaira Pro’s competition.

Aimed at Console and mobile gaming, the Razer Kaira Pro adds a lot of functionality to a wireless gaming headset. With Bluetooth 5.0, it features a low-latency connection that’s great for gaming or watching media. While playing games on Xbox, this also lets you listen to music, chat with teammates on Discord, or take calls. Bluetooth is very handy to have on a wireless headset. 

Razer Kaira Pro + Wolverine V2: video

Alternatively, if you don’t have the need for Bluetooth or want to save some money, Razer also has the non-pro Kaira wireless headset that features a lot of the same Xbox functionality as the Pro without Bluetooth. 

Back the to Kaira Pro, the design is pretty simple with a black and green colorway. And being a Razer headset, it also has RGB that can be customized through the Razer Headset for Xbox app. The logos on the earcups light up and can display Razer Chroma in a spectrum cycling, static, or breathing pattern.


Controls are pretty standard on the Razer Kaira Pro. Since it uses Xbox Wireless protocol rather than a wireless adapter like the SteelSeries Arctis 7X and Penrose X, connecting to an Xbox is as simple as pushing the sync button on your console and the sync button on the right earcup. 

The left earcup has a mic mute toggle, volume dial, power button, and USB-C port. On the right cup is the sync button, chat/game mix dial, and the Bluetooth button. 


Large Flowknit memory foam ear cushions on the Kaira Pro provide plenty of comfort for long gaming sessions. While not as comfortable as the Arctis lineup from SteelSeries, I had no issues using them for multiple hours at a time. 

Sound quality

Taking the 50mm TriForce drivers from the Blackshark V2 line, the Razer Kaira Pro offers huge, customizable sound. Once again thanks to the Razer Headset for Xbox app, audio profiles can be set and tweaked to easily fit any game or play style. By default, there are settings for default, bass, FPS, and custom settings. 

Razer Kaira Pro: mic quality 

Also from the Blackshark V2 line, Razer has built some great functionality into the removable Hyperclear microphone. Once again in the app, there are settings to tweak the EQ of the microphone. There are default settings for EQ modes, like conference and broadcast, or you can dial in your own tweaks. It doesn’t seem that you can preview those settings, though. Any tweaks that I made didn’t come through the mic monitoring setting, so I wasn’t able to hear exactly how the tweaks affected the sound. 

But from feedback I got playing with my friends, the microphone on the Razer Kaira Pro sounded clear and natural for a wireless gaming headset. 

Razer Kaira Pro: overall thoughts

Overall, for $150, the Razer Kaira Pro has some great features. Of course, at this price, it goes right up against some stiff competition. Be sure to watch my comparison video of many different headsets from SteelSeries, Audeze, Turtle Beach, and Razer for more thoughts on other headsets. But with low-latency Bluetooth, easily adjusted audio and mic EQ, and RGB lighting, there is a lot to like about the Kaira Pro. 

Wolverine V2 out of the box and design

With a black and green colorway, the Wolverine V2 has a sleek overall design. Unlike the stock Series X controller, the textured grip wraps around the front of the controller near the bottom of the handles. From the grips, to design to buttons, everything on the Wolverine V2 feels very well built.

Compared to the original Wolverine and the stock Series X controller, the Wolverine V2 also has a more contoured handle design. It’s thinner near where a middle finger would rest and has a wider grip out near the end of the handles. It’s also a little bit wider overall than the stock controller. 

On the face of the controller are all of the standard controls you would expect with thumbsticks, d-pad, and face buttons along with menu buttons near the top of the controller. But there are a few Razer additions here. 

Mappable multi-function buttons

Next to the triggers are two mappable buttons called M1 and M2. Within the Razer Controller Setup for Xbox (also available on Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store), these, and the menu buttons, can be mapped to any input. While not as handy as paddles under the controller like the Elite Series 2 or PowerA Fusion Pro, these add a ton of customizability to the Wolverine V2. 

Mecha-tactile action buttons and D-Pad

One of the highlights is the feel of the action and d-pad buttons. They sound like a mouse click and feel just as satisfying. I am a big fan. If you want to hear how they sound compared to the stock controller, be sure to watch the above video. 


More contoured than a stock controller, the triggers appear to have about the same travel distance as the included Series X controller. But trigger locks also reduce significantly to make inputs faster. While playing Destiny 2, the triggers felt smooth, and I like the more contoured shape that keeps my fingers in the same position.

In use

Overall, the Wolverine V2 feels great. It’s a wired controller that takes some of the convenience away from console gaming, but it adds a premium feel with extra customizability. And while it’s more expensive than offerings from PowerA, it feels higher quality and more robust than those competitors. 

9to5Toys’ Take

Razer has come out with a great suite of products for the Series X and S. With Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth 5.0, the Kaira Pro is a powerful multi-use headset with great customizability. And with additional mappable buttons and great-feeling face and d-pad buttons, the Wolverine V2 feels great in use. Just like their PC lineup, Razer has brought customization to the Xbox Series X and S, for those who want to get the most out of their peripherals.

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