Apex Legends Escape has new Storm Point map with Gravity Cannons, aggressive animals, more

Today, Apex Legends announced its first new map since Season 7 in November of last year. Storm Point, the latest map coming in Season 11 Escape, introduces a number of new gameplay elements and other factors that will change how you play Apex Legends. It’s the biggest map to date, around 15% larger than World’s Edge, and is based on the planet Gaea, which houses a long-forgotten IMC research base. The map features a diverse set of locations, including tropical islands, giant mountain slides, and more. This has me the most excited I’ve been about Apex Legends in a while, so let’s dive in.

Gravity Cannons, wildlife, and more. Oh my!

We’ll start things off in the same place that the Apex Legends blog does: Gravity Cannons. Now, we’re no stranger to traversing the map quickly in Apex, as we’ve had geysers and balloons before. However, something new with Gravity Cannons is that while airborne, you’ll have complete control of weapons, grenades, tactical, and ultimate abilities. That’s something we’ve never had before, as both the balloons and geysers would make all of those parts of your character inaccessible. Stepping inside a Gravity Cannon launches you in a predetermined direction, though you can control your pitch and somewhat choose where you land to help avoid traps and the like.


And we’re also no stranger to animals in Apex Legends, as we’ve encountered them in various minigames as well as seen them in a standard match with Flyers. Well, things are being taken to a new level in Apex Legends Season 11 Escape. Prowlers are now an aggressive creature that hunts in packs and patrol around their Prowler Dens. If they spot you, you’ll get a warning before attack commences. However, they will attack if provoked.

Spiders are also alive and ready to attack. There are spider eggs scattered across the map, and disturbing or damaging them will hatch a swarm that will start attacking you right away. With ranged weaponry, they’ll spit webs at potential snacks to keep you from moving before they’re able to get over there and chow down.

New points of interest include Barometer, Command Center, The Antenna, and more

There are quite a few POIs coming to Apex Legends Season 11 Escape. Starting with Barometer, it’s one of the larger drop locations at the heart of Storm Point. There’s a spinning platform with a “honeypot” of loot that’s overlooked by a research tower with a height advantage, though hard to defend. Inside of a mountain, you’ll find Command Center that’s massive and rich in loot, letting players dive into its heart from the dropship. There are some of the longest ziplines in the Apex Games to date available here, letting you quickly get to the top of the mountain if you’re lucky enough to escape alive.

The Antenna is divided by a network of catwalks like Harvester and is placed above a massive communications dish, letting you either walk or zipline across. Checkpoint, on the other hand, is suspended over a dense forest where you can disengage from a fight in new ways. Overwhelmed in the battle? Just jump off the platform into the forest below and gain the upper hand.

Last but not least is Lightning Rod. This is a landing position that’s at the pinnacle of the mountain and is divided in halves by a “focused and intense bridge.” The station’s top is the highest position of the map, and can become a crucial stronghold should the ring end at this unique POI. For more information on Storm Catcher, North Pad, The Mill, Shipfall, Cenote Cave, The Wall, and many other points of interest, be sure to check out the Apex blog.

9to5Toys’ Take

It’s been a while since I was this excited for an Apex Legends update. I admittedly wasn’t the biggest fan of Olympus, given how easy it was to fall off the map in the wrong spot. But Storm Point looks interesting, intriguing, and easy to play. I’ll be firing up Apex Legends Season 11 Escape once it drops, what about you?

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