Pwnage Symm 2 review: Lightweight performance and custom looks [Video]

While not as well-known as peripheral giants like Razer and SteelSeries, Pwnage is growing its lineup of offerings with some very unique features with the Symm 2 and Wireless Symm 2. While spec-wise, these mice line up nicely with the competition from Glorious and Razer, the customizability of the Pwnage Symm 2 is what sets it apart. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details.  

While Pwnage sent over both a wired and wireless version of the Symm 2, I spent most of my time with the Wireless Symm 2, so this review will focus mainly on that mouse, but I’ll interject thoughts on the more affordable wired version where applicable. 

Choose your mouse

With both the wired and wireless Symm 2, Pwnage has four different versions. You can choose from two honeycomb or two solid shells in white or black. They all come in at $110 with a variety of additional options available. 

The Symm 2 wired variant comes in at just $60, which is a great deal. The bones of the wired Symm 2 are identical with a lightweight, customizable design and feel. 

What’s in the box?

Pwnage has included some nice accessories for the Wireless Symm 2. A honeycomb and solid shell are included with each mouse, along with a paracord USB-C cable, USB-A to USB-C adapter, USB receiver, and button spacers that can fit under the mouse 1 and mouse 2 buttons to customize the button feel. 

For the wired versions, the contents are a little different. Pwnage includes button spacers, extra PTFE skates, side grips, and weights if you want to make the mouse heavier. With the wired version weighing in at just 59g with the honeycomb body and cover, you can easily customize the feel with that extra weight sled that slides in where the battery would on the wireless version. 

Pwnage Symm 2: video

Make the Pwnage Symm 2 your own

What really sets Pwnage apart is the ability to easily swap components to customize your mouse. In the box, you get a honeycomb and solid top shell, but for $12 you can get an additional set of colors that includes a button cover, honeycomb shell, and solid shell. The website has a great little configurator that will show what the mouse looks like with the different shells so there isn’t any guesswork. 

Pwnage also offers metallic cover sets for $24, which is a bit more of a premium upgrade. 

Pwnage sent over a white version of the mouse along with a black honeycomb and a huge assortment of different-colored covers to try out combinations. 

Pwnage Symm 2: design

One design difference from many mice with multiple color options is that the scroll wheel also matches the color of the body. This is most noticeable with the white colorway as it is completely white as opposed to the Glorious Model O- Wireless and even the Razer Orochi V2, which feature a white body with a black scroll wheel and side buttons. This can clean up custom designs when combined with additional covers in various colors. 

The Pwnage Symm 2 has a symmetrical right-handed shape with six buttons in a pretty standard layout. One thing I do like is the wide buttons for mouse 1 and mouse 2, which fits my 1-3-1 mouse grip really well. 

The clickable scroll wheel lights up with customizable RGB, and there is an additional strip of RGB lighting around the bottom rear of the mouse with a few different zones. While the strip of light doesn’t shine downward to illuminate the mousepad, it adds some nice customizable RGB to the mouse. This light on the back will also turn off when the mouse is in motion to save battery life since it would usually be covered up by your palm when moving. This can be turned off from the Pwnage software if you’d rather have it on at all times. 

Under the mouse are the PTFE skates, sensor, and a three-way switch. The middle position powers the mouse off, while moving the switch up turns the mouse on with out the RGB strip in the back, and the bottom setting turns on all of the lights. 

The shell features a smooth matte finish without any sort of texture, even on the sides. This is where the grip tape like that found in the box with the wired variant can help if you’re having trouble holding onto the mouse. While I never got sweaty enough for grip to be an issue on the Wireless Symm 2, it’s great to have that upgrade option.


Dimensions on the Symm 2 are almost identical to the Razer Viper Mini, but the Pwnage cuts the cord for easier movement. Measuring 118mm long by 60mm wide, 58mm at the grip point, and 38mm tall, it’s not breaking the mold for small symmetrical gaming mice.

This smaller shape usually lends itself well to small to medium hands and either a claw or fingertip grip style. 

While the mouse comes with a few different shell styles and has even more options available, the Wireless Symm 2 has a few different weight figures, thanks to those variables. The honeycomb model with a honeycomb cover comes in at 71g while the solid body and cover will tip the scales at 75g. While that’s still really lightweight, Glorious’ latest, the Model 0- Wireless, shaves more weight, coming in at 65g in a similar shape. We’ll have a hands-on review of that mouse coming out soon. 

On the wired variant, the weight starts at 59g for the honeycomb body and cover while the solid cover tips the scales at 64g. If saving weight is your goal, then the wired version is going to be your best friend here. Since there is a cavity where the battery is on the wireless variant, Pwnage includes a weight tray that can be installed where the battery would be on the wireless to dial in the weight of the wired Symm 2. 


Pwnage is using a 3370 sensor. In my testing, it’s worked and tracked well. I’m using the Razer Gigantus V2 XXXL mousepad and didn’t have any issues. I’m not an FPS god, but for me, the sensor performed flawlessly when playing Warzone and Escape from Tarkov. 

100% PTFE skates 

Pwnage also keeps up with the competition with large 100% virgin PTFE skates. Once agian, on my Razer Gigantus V2 mouse mat, the mouse moved smoothly and quickly enough for me. In the box with the wired version are additional skates if those need to be replaced.


The Pwnage Symm 2 is using Kailh 8.0 switches. With a satisfying and consistent click, I’m really enjoying the feel. While not as clicky as the SteelSeries Prime Mini Wireless we recently reviewed, the Pwnage Symm 2 feels and sounds nice and consistent. 

Pwnage also includes button spacers with a variety of thicknesses for customizing the feel of mouse 1 and mouse 2. I couldn’t really tell a difference when I took off the stock spacers and put on the .8mm size, but when I swapped over to the .9, it had trouble pressing the m1 and m2 buttons, as the spaces were pressing them down. 

Likewise, the side buttons have a nice click, though not as satisfying as mouse 1 and mouse 2. But they’re positioned high on the left side and are easy to find and actuate. 

Paracord cable

Pwnage includes a color-matching USB Type-C paracord cable that feels light and flexible. While this mouse is wireless, if you do have to plug it in to recharge while you’re playing, I didn’t notice the cable very much. And on the wired version, it doesn’t get in the way when executing quick movements. 

Pwnage app 

While not the most visually advanced software I’ve seen, the Pwnage app allows all of the customizations I expected. You can map buttons, adjust de-bounce, change DPI settings, tweak polling rate, and dial in a few other parameters. You can also swap the LOD, or lift-off distance, between 1 and 2 millimeters. 

One more note on lighting: The scroll wheel color is determined by the DPI setting. Within the app you can set and customize what settings have which color to dial in a specific colorway. 

Battery life

Battery life on the Pwnage Wireless Symm 2 is rated up to 80 hours. While I did most of my gaming and testing with the RGB lighting on, you can turn it off to get closer to that number. And for me, that’s a great number. I can easily get multiple days on one charge. 

Pwnage Symm 2: in-use

While gaming, I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Pwnage wireless Symm 2. The weight is light, even though you can get lighter, but the shape and feel are spot on. Mouse clicks are sharp with great audible and tactile feedback, while the sensor and skates make moving the mouse smooth and easy. 


This market of small, lightweight mice is getting pretty competitive. We already mentioned the new Model O- Wireless, but another heavy hitter is the Razer Orochi V2. Width and height are similar to the Pwnage Symm 2, but the Orachi V2 comes in at almost 10mm shorter front to back, which makes it much lighter, weighing about 60g. But it also undercuts both the Pwnage and Glorious mice in price at just $70 and has gotten some rave reviews coming in both white and black with custom designs available for just $20 more. 

9to5Toys’ Take

Overall, the Pwnage Wireless Symm 2 is a great mouse. It feels solid with a satisfying click, and you can customize it to your heart’s content. Of course, up against the Model 0- Wireless and Orachi V2, there are cheaper and lighter mice out there, but the easily swappable shells and additional customizable accessories make the Wireless Symm 2 stand out. 

It’s a great time to be looking for a new mouse because there are many great options out there. Keep it locked to to get all of the best deals on gaming peripherals this deals season.

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