Review: LEGO Ideas’ new 2,600-piece Globe is out of this world

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Finally launching back at the beginning of the month after being announced nearly two years ago, I’ve gotten my hands on the all-new LEGO Ideas Globe. But after such a long wait, does the last fan-inspired creation actually deliver a worthwhile build? Spoiler, it absolutely does! But you’ll want to head below for all of the details on the new set anyway.

Hands-on with the new LEGO Ideas Globe

Originally submitted to the LEGO Ideas platform back in 2020, it has been quite the journey to see the Globe make an official debut two rotations around the sun later. Quickly finding success amongst all of the other community-picked projects, the kit was green-lit by the LEGO Group only a few months later before going quiet. Then 2022 came around and we got a first look at the new Globe, only to end up with it in-hand today.

Stacking up to 2,585 pieces, the final build recreates a globe in LEGO form complete with a decorative display stand. The brick-built sphere itself measures 10 inches in all directions, while its adjoining stand brings the height up to 16 inches. Those dimensions allow the build to be quite close to life-sized, at least as far as globes go. It really feels plucked out of an elementary school classroom and into your collection, sans some more artistic liberties that were taken.

The Ideas Globe is also just the latest set from the LEGO Group to continue the trend of recreating knick-knacks and other display pieces in brick-built form. It fits in perfectly with the 2018 Ideas Ship in a Bottle, and it will likely be equally as much of a must-have for many builders.

As far as the actual build goes, the bulk of the set goes into building the actual recreation of the Earth. The process mainly focuses around assembling the same two panel segments in alternating succession and covering the Technic frames with a series of blue and green bricks. This, repeated 30 times, builds out the entire structure with the help of some all-new printed bricks to label the various continents and oceans.

On the topic of the different landmass recreations, the final product here isn’t going to be up to everyone’s standards. At least in the sense of accuracy. Don’t get me wrong, there really is only so much you can do when working with studs and plates, but the set isn’t exactly the most authentic representation of the Earth – which is perfectly fine for me. Just don’t get the wrong idea that this would be a suitable replacement for an actual globe. As cool as the LEGO model would be to try to help with the geographic studies amongst younger builders, this is clearly a more collectible display piece than something with much merit in an academic scene.

Then there’s an ornate stand at the bottom, which holds up the globe at an angle. There’s a nice mix of brown and chromed gold accenting bricks which give it a more authentic look, and it certainly does the trick. There’s not too much to say here just with how well the LEGO Group executed this aspect of the set.

Once assembled, the entire set is actually quite sturdy. I was expecting a hollow globe made out of LEGO to be much more fragile, though to my surprise it holds up quite well. I wouldn’t go as far to say that it’s meant to be handled too heavily, but the internal Technic frame goes a long way to ensure everything stays in place.

It also helps ensure that the LEGO Ideas Globe can pull off its one signature feature. Because we’re talking about a globe after all, you’d expect to be able to spin the set. And right you’d be! The globe actually manages to rotate quite well with just a little force, and it has some internal weights in place to keep the momentum going. Here’s a better idea of what to expect from the globe and its spinning capabilities.

Clocking in at $199.99, the new LEGO Ideas Globe is one of this year’s most expensive creations thus far. Though considering just what you’re getting, I have to give this one the pass in the value department. Not even just the over 2,500 bricks, which give it an exception price per piece ratio, but the entire build as a whole stacks up as well worth the price tag. Plus, the novelty has to count for something too, right?!

9to5Toys’ Take:

Even after the long wait of seeing this build go from a fan-made project to an actual set on store shelves, the excitement of actually having it in hand really can’t be understated. I’m sure many builders like myself have been aching to add the Ideas Globe to their collection, and the LEGO Group certainly delivered.

Sure the building process might be a bit repetitive, but the final product really does speak for itself. There’s nothing quite like it out there from the LEGO Group now, or honestly ever before. And that novelty certainly counts for something in my book.

The only real downside of the set is the accuracy, or should I say the lack there of. For me, it’s not much of an issue having a LEGO Globe that isn’t a 100% perfect replica of its inspiration, but some potential buyers may be turned off by the more rudimentary design. I mean, we are talking about LEGO bricks here! So there’s only so much the blocky medium can do.

That being said, $200 these days gets you a lot in the LEGO world. From the latest detailed Star Wars recreations to other display-focused sets, that price point makes the Globe compete with all of the other high-end LEGO kits. Though I really do find that this new build stands out from all of them. Brick-built decor has been something that the LEGO Group has toyed with again and again over the past few years, with the Globe being its best attempt yet. So imperfect design aside, the latest Ideas set gets an easy recommendation from this builder.

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