LEGO March 2022 buyers guide: Check out all of the new Star Wars, Marvel, and other kits

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The largest 2022 collection of new LEGO sets are now going live to kick off March, with nearly 50 just-released creations joining the lineup. Headlined by the latest LEGO Star Wars sets and life-sized Marvel relics, there’s also the latest Technic supercars and a series of other builds. Head below for the full scoop on all of the new LEGO sets available for March 2022, which are now available for purchase.

The LEGO Group started off 2022 with a pretty lack-luster January wave, and is now looking to remedy that by launching its largest collection of new sets for the year. Ranging from the latest from LEGO Star Wars, Marvel, Technic, Creator, and more, you can check out the entire collection of new builds right here, or continue reading as we break down the best of what’s now available from LEGO.

All of the following kits will go live at midnight on March 1. 

Star Wars

Kicking things off for March, the LEGO Group is rolling out the second wave of new Star Wars creations of the 2022 lineup. Packing a bit more substance compared to the light start to the year, there are a total of five new kits up for grabs. With a sprinkling of the Original Trilogy and newer Disney+ series, there’s certainly a lot to be excited out. The highlight though has to be the new Boba Fett’s Throne Room that arrives as the largest LEGO Star Wars set of the year so far.

There’s also three new additions to the lineup of buildable helmets for 2022 landing, as well. All of the new LEGO Star Wars sets for March 1 are detailed down below.

  • Boba Fett’s Throne Room: $99.99 | 732 pieces
  • Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet: $59.99 | 675 pieces
  • The Mandalorian Helmet $59.99 | 584 pieces
  • Dark Trooper Helmet: $59.99 | 693 pieces
  • Dark Trooper Attack: $29.99 | 166 pieces


Another popular licensed theme, the Marvel side of the LEGO March collection isn’t getting quite the same attention as its Star Wars counterpart. Instead, there’s just a single new kit launching in the form of Thor’s Hammer. This 979-piece creation arrives at the $99.99 price point and recreates Mjölnir in a new life-sized scale complete with a little display stand to show it off at an angle. Our launch coverage details everything you need to know about the set and should help you decide if this LEGO Marvel set is picking up for March 1.


LEGO’s Art theme is also receiving some love for March, with two new brick-built mosaics joining the collection. Most notably amongst these new releases Jim Lee Batman set which depicts the Dark Knight alongside Harley Quinn and the Joker. All two of them enter at the $119.99 price point and deliver a pretty similar experience to what we’ve previously taken a hands-on look at in the past.

Speed Champions

One of the most popular LEGO theme is also making a comeback for March, with the beloved Speed Champions getting a new wave of brick-built vehicles. This time around, there are five all-new super cars ranging from classic Ferraris to Lamborghini, Aston Martins, and more. You can check out the lineup below, all of which start at $19.99 and go up from there.

  • Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Vantage GT3: $39.99 | 592 pieces
  • Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E and Project One: $29.99 | 564 pieces
  • 1970 Ferrari 512 M: $19.99 | 291 pieces
  • Lotus Evija: $19.99 | 247 pieces
  • Lamborghini Countach: $19.99 | 262 pieces


Originally unvieled at the beginning of the year, the highly-awaited City Space kits for 2022 are finally launching in March. With four different models up for grabs this time around, there are some unique additions to the out of the world expansion to the classic City theme with rovers, space stations, and launch centers. Pricing varies across the board on these, with prices on all of the new kits starting at $40.

Check out all of the new LEGO City Space sets for March 2022

  • Rocket Launch Center: $149.99 | 1,010 pieces
  • Lunar Research Base: $119.99 | 786 pieces
  • Lunar Space Station: $79.99 | 500 pieces
  • Lunar Roving Vehicle: $39.99 | 275 pieces


Over on the always-popular Creator side of the LEGO lineup for March 2022, we’re getting a handful of new creations. Leading the way has to be the new Creator Expect Vespa 125, which arrives as one of the collection’s more eye-catching creations on top of just being the largest. Plus there are an additional six creations joining the LEGO Creator lineup for 2022 on March 1.

  • Supersonic Jet: $19.99 | 215 pieces
  • Street Racer: $19.99 | 258 pieces
  • Fantasy Forest Creatures: $14.99 | 175 pieces
  • Off-Road Buggy: $14.99 | 150 pieces
  • Super Robot: $9.99 | 159 pieces
  • Dolphin and Turtle: $9.99 | 157 pieces
  • Vespa: $9.99 | 118 pieces


After a strong start to the year with a whole new collection of LEGO Technic builds that dropped on January 1, the theme is getting even more love for March 2022. This time around, there are five different creations assembling some first for the lineup, including a F1 car, John Deere tractor, and more all outlined below.

  • McLaren Formula 1 Race Car: $179.99 | 1,432 pieces
  • App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle: $139.99 | 772 pieces
  • All-Terrain Vehicle: $79.99 | 764 pieces
  • John Deere 9620R 4WD Tractor: $29.99 | 330 pieces
  • Telehandler: $12.99 | 143 pieces


  • Spice Girls Tribute: $49.99 | 578 pieces
  • Chip & Dale: $19.99 | 226 pieces


  • Ariel’s Underwater Palace: $89.99 | 498 pieces
  • Elsa and the Nokk’s Ice Stable: $14.99 | 153 pieces


  • Ninja Training Center: $39.99 | 524 pieces
  • Kai’s Spinjitzu Ninja Training: $9.99 | 32 pieces
  • Lloyd’s Spinjitzu Ninja Training: $9.99 | 32 pieces
  • Jay’s Spinjitzu Ninja Training: $9.99 | 25 pieces


  • Pet Day-Care Center: $79.99 | 593 pieces
  • Vacation Beach House: $79.99 | 686 pieces
  • Pet Adoption Café: $29.99 | 292 pieces
  • Pet Playground: $19.99 | 210 pieces
  • Pet Clinic Ambulance: $9.99 | 54 pieces

Harry Potter

  • Hogwarts Magical Trunk: $59.99 | 603 pieces
  • Hogwarts Hospital Wing: $49.99 | 510 pieces
  • Hogwarts Moment: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class: $29.99 | 257 pieces
  • Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class: $29.99 | 297 pieces

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