HyperX Alloy Origins 65 review: My favorite 65% keyboard so far [Video]

While custom keyboards are growing in popularity, many brands are raising the bar on pre-built options like the HyperX Alloy Origins 65. We went hands-on with the smaller Alloy Origins 60 last year, but the arrow keys along with solid build quality from the alloy lineup make this board rank high on my list of favorites. Be sure to hit the video below to see all of the details. 

Alloy Origins 65: Overview

The Alloy Origins 65 joins the HyperX TKL, full size, and 60% keyboard to offer more sizing options in its high-quality offerings. Like the 60%, the 65 feels like a tank thanks to its 800g weight. While it might not make a difference for performance, it just feels beefy and inspires more confidence in its build. 

A simple design

As a 65% layout, the keyboard features a compact design but still keeps many of the navigation keys that a smaller 60% board lack. While I like having a small board for gaming, for me, having arrow keys and navigation keys is pretty crucial for work. A 65% board is a pretty perfect combo. 

In the box, HyperX also includes two specialty keycaps to change up the design. I opted for the tactile aqua switches and the keyboard came with an aqua space bar and escape key. Also included are a keycap puller tool and a USB-C to USB-A cable. 

Otherwise, HyperX keeps things very simple for design on the Alloy Origins 65. The low-profile case makes the switches and RGB clearly visible. 

While the keyboard has a bit of an angle for typing in the case design, on the bottom are two additional sets of risers. 

As its name would suggest, the bottom of the board is metal and makes the keyboard feel very high quality. There is barely any flex in the body. 

HyperX Alloy Origins 65: Video

Aqua tactile switches

The Alloy Origins 65% has been out for a few weeks, but I wanted to wait until I could get the HyperX aqua tactile switches. Also available on this keyboard are red linear switches. If you want a clicky switch, you’ll have to go bigger with the TKL or full-size alloy origins. 

This is my first time using HyperX aqua switches, and I might be in love with them. They have a light actuation like a Cherry or Gateron brown, which is what I like.

Because it’s a light switch, the tactile bump is pretty slight. But for me, even that small bump helps for some crucial feedback. With linear switches, I typically find myself accidentally pressing buttons and moving when I’m holding a corner in FPS games because my fingers rest on the keyboard and slowly press down. 

HyperX aqua switches have a 45g operating force, 3.8mm total travel distance and 1.8mm actuation point. For comparison, the Cherry MX brown also has a 45g actuation force with 2mm actuation and 4mm total travel. 

Alloy Origins 65: Keycaps

HyperX is using double shot PBT keycaps that have a fair amount of texture to them that help to keep them from looking too glossy. And combined with the solid build, they sound pretty good too. 

How about the stabilizers?

Another major factor that plays into the premium feel of a keyboard are the stabilizers. These help with larger keys like space, enter, and shift. While they nailed it on the 60%, and they’re mostly good on the 65%, the right side of the space bar does start to lose some of that high-end sound and feel due to more rattle. But the left side doesn’t have that same rattle. 

HyperX Alloy Origins 65: RGB

Of course, the Alloy Origins 65% also has per-key RGB. And while there isn’t any additional lighting around the perimeter of the board, the switches and shine-through are clearly visible. While not as robust as Razer’s Synapse software, HyperX’s NGenuity allows for easy customization. In addition to common effects like breathing, swipes, and waves, there are a few reactive effects like fire, explosion, and fade.

The special design keycaps look incredible with RGB shining through them. Two additional LEDs on the space bar helps to even everything out for a brighter show. 

A game mode can be enabled to disable the Windows key, and from the NGenuity app, additional keys and functions like Alt+Tab can also be disabled to keep from accidentally causing issues when gaming. 

9to5Toys’ Take

Overall, HyperX has a great keyboard with the Alloy Origins 65. I’m glad I waited for the aqua switches, but from my testing, the linear reds are great as well if that’s what you’re into. For gaming, the board is solid and small, which allows for bigger mouse movements. For productivity, having the addition of arrow keys and navigation keys is nearly crucial for me. And the sound and feel are as good as I’ve heard from an out-of-the-box keyboard.

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