Everything we know about LEGO’s summer 2021 Star Wars kits: UCS Gunship, Death Star, more

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Now that the first batch of new LEGO sets have been released, we’re turning our attention to what to expect from later on in the year. 2021 is slated to be one of the biggest years for LEGO Star Wars in recent memory, and now we’re getting wind of some of the upcoming kits due out this summer and beyond. Starting with the upcoming UCS Republic Gunship, the year’s new LEGO kits will culminate in what will likely be one of the largest builds ever assembled. Head below for everything we know so far on the LEGO Summer 2021 Star Wars lineup.

LEGO is mixing up its offerings for 2021, splitting the initial winter wave into two different collections. While we already detailed all of the new kits that launched back at the beginning of the month, another batch of models will be landing on March 1. In the Star Wars realm, that’ll stack up to a downsized Imperial Shuttle, as well as a Hoth microfighter pack with a Tauntan and AT-AT. 

But where the more exciting news comes from are the rumors of what to expect from LEGO’s summer Star Wars wave. Details have emerged noting that we’ll be seeing nine new creations rolled out over the summer months and into the fall, culminating in one of the largest LEGO Star Wars sets to date. 

All of this is slated to change, as LEGO has been known to adjust delay kits or straight up cancel them, but early reports are looking like this will be the Star Wars lineup come the summer. Regardless, let’s break down what’s potentially on the way. 

LEGO mixes up its Summer 2021 Star Wars lineup

This year will be special for the LEGO Star Wars theme in that we’ll most likely be getting three different UCS-style creations. All three will enter into its 18+ lineup, but there’s no telling what branding LEGO will adopt here. Historically, we’ve only gotten a single UCS kit each year, with it alternating between spring and fall releases each year. Last year saw the A-Wing debut on May the 4th, so it’s likely this year’s won’t launch until the around November. But that’s if there’s only a single one. 

Right now, we already know that LEGO has an UCS Republic Gunship in the works, which was announced nearly a year ago. But what’s new here is that instead of entering at the usual $200 price tag we see for these creations, LEGO is stepping up to the $350 price point. Part count and the included figures are up in the air, but we’ll likely see more details emerge on this in the coming months ahead of an April announcement.

The spring has also been giving Star Wars fans a new buildable character, and this year’s looks to be a remake of the UCS R2-D2 from several years back. This time around, expect a much more modern design that the predecessor and much of the same attention to detail we’ve seen from other sets that are geared towards adults, as well as a bundled display plaque.

On top of that, it’s looking like the fall will see the launch of an even larger build than the UCS Gunship that clocks in at an impressive $800 price tag. Odds are pretty high this is going to be a new and improved version of the Death Star, considering LEGO retired the previous model at the end of 2020 and has had a version of the set on shelves every single year since the very first was released. While we can only imagine the part count here, early reports are noting this will be the largest version of the Death Star to date and could very well outclass the Millennium Falcon from 2017.

Here are all of the other potential Star Wars kits that we know of slated to be rolling out throughout the rest of 2021.

  • Mandalore Throne and Vault: $20 
  • Imperial Troop Transport: $40 
  • Advent Calendar: $40
  • Slave 1: $50
  • Mandalorian Fighter: $60
  • Bad Batch Shuttle: $100
  • Moff Gideon’s Cruiser: $160

When to expect an official announcement

First things first, it’s likely that there won’t be a single announcement here, as we’ll see LEGO release these Star Wars kits in multiple waves starting ahead of summer and throughout the rest of 2021. As for the first wave of new builds, LEGO typically releases its summer lineup around May, with official details being announced in April.

Last year saw a wave of buildable helmets debut alongside the May the 4th UCS set, which is likely going to be the case with many of these rumored creations. But as for the UCS Death Star? Expect to see it be this year’s Black Friday set. I know it’s a long ways away, but given how LEGO handled the Colosseum, it’s likely that a similar rollout and all of the same fanfare will be applied here to bring in shoppers during the future holiday shopping season.

9to5Toys’ Take: 

LEGO rumors like these have been getting confirmed more frequently than ever lately, but even with how reports are looking right now, none of these potential kits are set in stone. Even so, these potential kits give us a pretty good idea of what to expect from the LEGO Star Wars theme in the summer of 2021 and beyond.

While I’ve been enjoying the downsized X-Wing and TIE Fighter builds that LEGO released to start the year, the selection right now is definitely a bit underwhelming. Though it looks like that will be made up for in the latter portions of the year, which is hard not to be excited about.

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