Teenage Engineering Stories January 18

The new Teenage Engineering modular system is here. Based on its extremely affordable Pocket Operator lineup of mini synthesizers, the boutique audio company is coming out with an entirely unique approach to modular synthesizers in a much more accessible package. expand full story

Teenage Engineering Stories February 16, 2018

When we first heard about the upcoming collaboration between IKEA and Teenage Engineering, it was a little curious. The boutique electronics/music production products coming out of the Teenage Engineering camp the last several years really didn’t suggest an IKEA feature was on the way. But the company’s intersting sense of minimalism and unique design approach certainly fit in with some of the sensibilities IKEA has always been known for.

The upcoming FREKVENS (translates to frequency) party product line from IKEA and TE is still somewhat mysterious, all things considered, but we did get a nice update and some new imagery courtesy of an official IKEA Instagram post today. expand full story

Teenage Engineering Stories February 14, 2018

Ever since the OP-1 portable synthesizer hit the scene way back in 2010, Teenage Engineering has made a name for itself in the music production world as a development team to watch out for. The company’s quirky design philosophies and stringent focus on forcing musicians to be creative in new ways has made its way into all of TE’s unique products from OP-1 to the Pocket Operators, and now the upcoming OP-Z.

The miniature portable instrument is much more than your average battery-powered synthesizer. With a vast selection of synth engines, an extremely powerful 16-step sequencer, remote display iOS functionality and, what sounds like, incredibly compelling video/image/lightning integration, this is an entirely new beast all together. expand full story

Teenage Engineering Stories January 25, 2018

NAMM 2018 is now in full force down in Anaheim, California. The yearly trade show attracts the best and brightest in the world of music production from the major players like Moog, Korg and Roland, to smaller more boutique companies like Teenage Engineering. We have already seen some big time product announcements and now it’s time to look at TE’s brand new pocket operator synths… expand full story

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