Teenage Engineering unveils wild new must-see OP-1 Field synth gadget for content creators

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

The new Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field has arrived. After debuting its hybrid TX-6 audio interface mixer and synth combo last month, the design team at Teenage Engineering has now unveiled its latest creation, the gorgeous new OP-1 Field. Saying its an updated version of the original OP-1 that took the boutique hardware synth world by storm years ago is accurate, but it’s also a serious understatement. TE has packed in “100 new features” leaving musicians, song makers, sound designers, and content creators with a beautiful and powerful new device that delivers a host of synthesizers and sampling engines, loads of built-in effects, a series of hardware recording options, enhanced version of its wacky and wonderful sequencers, and so much more. Get a closer look at the new Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field instrument and recorder below. 

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Teenage Engineering intros magical new Mac/iOS TX-6 audio interface synth combo

Teenage Engineering just introduced its latest creation, a portable audio interface and mixer known as the TX-6. The brand is well known for its quirky boutique tech products, not unlike the fantastic Pocket Operator synthesizers, the powerful OP-Z music maker and video sequencer, and the modular PO-series synths we reviewed previously. But its latest creation takes the wonderful Teenage Engineering creation prowess to a battery-powered portable sound mixer that doubles as an audio interface with six inputs, iOS compatibility, and loads of interesting tricks up its sleeve. Head below for a closer look. 

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Teenage Engineering unveils new time-bending OB-4 magic radio contraption


Teenage Engineering has finally unveiled its new “magic radio,” OB-4. Early leaks of the product suggested it was going to be another one of the company’s minimalistic speakers, as opposed to one of its quirky music production products. But this is Teenage Engineering after all, so there’s a lot more to this odd little contraption than meets the eye. Head below for a closer look at the OB-4’s time-bending FM receiver and hidden features.

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