June 16

In this week’s Best of 9to5Toys: The Apple Watch Series 3 drops $50 for Father’s Day, AT&T offers buy one get one free iPhone X & T-Mobile offers $700 in gift cards with the purchase of two iPhones, B&H Father’s Day Sale has Apple deals, more…

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June 15

WD’s 3TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive keeps your data backed up on-the-go: $76 ($14 off)

Newegg’s official eBay storefront offers the WD 3TB My Passport Portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive for $75.99 shipped. Once added to your cart, the price will automatically drop. That’s good for a $14 discount from the going rate at Amazon and Best Buy, beats our previous mention by $10 and is the lowest offer out there. For comparison, today’s offer is $12 less than the previous all-time low. Rated 4.3/5 stars from over 4,400 customers.

June 9

In this week’s Best of 9to5Toys: Best Buy’s Father’s Day sale features up to $350 off MacBooks, Clockwork Synergy offers 9to5Toys readers 20% off for Father’s Day, Anker’s latest Amazon sale is packed full of great deals, more…

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June 6

There are far too many options out there when it comes to headphones. Some prefer the stylish look of Beats where as others go for hardcore sound quality on say, something like a set from Beyerdynamics. One company that has always stood out from the pack is V-MODA. Its high-quality cans are made from premium materials and sit somewhere in between the fashionable headsets and a more audiophile-centric design. Today the company is ready to unveil its latest with an upgraded pair of the popular Crossfade 2 Wireless over-ear headphones. expand full story

May 19

Behind the Screens is a weekly 9to5Toys series that takes you through our writers’ setups, be it mobile, desktop, gaming or home theater. Next up is Chance Miller, Editor at 9to5Mac. 

Earlier this month, I ditched my roommate and moved into my first solo apartment. Like any tech fanatic would do, I used this as an opportunity to completely overhaul my desk setup. As a full-time student as well as an editor at 9to5Mac, having a desk that I enjoy being at for hours on end is a necessity – and for the first time, I feel like I’ve accomplished that.

Read on for a full walk through of the desk I like to call home…

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May 2

National Teacher day is coming up on May 8th, and schools celebrate Teacher Appreciation week from May 7th–11th. I have many teachers who made a positive difference in my life, and I am sure you did as well. If you want to surprise your child’s teacher with a few tech-related gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, here are some things I recommend from personal experience in the classroom.

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IK Multimedia has created some of the best and most affordable audio production gear out there for years. Whether it’s a MIDI controller keyboard with a built-in interface, guitar rigs or high-quality iOS recording solutions, the company offers just about everything. It most recently launched (and has continued to support) its Syntronik Software Instrument collection, of which you can check out our review right here. Now, the company is stepping into the hardware synthesizer space for the first time. expand full story

April 14

Behind the Screens is a weekly 9to5Toys series that takes you through our writers’ setups, be it mobile, desktop, gaming or home theater. Next up is Stephen Hall, 9to5Google’s Managing Editor.

For my first few years working at home, I spent countless hours sitting at a cheap desk hunched over in front of a laptop. As many who have been in those shoes can probably attest, this isn’t exactly the most friendly to your health — mentally nor physically. So with my new home office I decided to spruce things up a bit and build my entire setup around the idea that it’s possible to work in front a computer all day and not feel terrible at 5 o’clock — and hopefully, stay healthier in the long-term as well.

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In this week’s Best of 9to5ToysBest Buy’s two-day sale delivers deals on Apple gear and more, Apple TV 4K gets a nice discount, and PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 8 deals arrive… expand full story

April 3

Gnarbox hit the scene awhile back with its first-generation portable hard drive that allows content creators to back up movies and pictures on-the-spot after being captured. But this isn’t your average hard drive. Gnarbox went a step further with a fully integrated processor that enables instant editing of content long before you’re back at a Mac or PC. Even better, it’s wrappped in a rugged casing that’s both shock- and dust-proof for just about any scenario.

Today, Gnarbox has introduced the second generation of its portable storage solution that features a slimmed-down design, new connectivity along with a built-in solid-state drive for faster storage and transfers.

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April 2

Tablo has been working to reinvent the cord-cutting accessory market for some time. While the natural inclination is to go the way of the way streaming media player, Tablo has been steadily introducing new DVR set-top boxes year after year. Its latest, the Tablo Dual Lite, delivers whole-home network connectivity and the flexibility of choosing your own storage.

Those with a keen eye will note that physical design is largely the same as last year’s release. But Tablo has changed up a few key features, most notable of which is the price. The new Dual Lite starts at $140, which is 30% less than its predecessor. More below.

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March 28

Today we are going to be taking a look at some of our favorite options for storing our sample libraries and other files for content creation. No matter what it is we are creating, at some point or other, storage is a must, whether it’s for project assets, backups or archival purposes. While this particular roundup will be focusing mainly on music producers and their sample libraries, many of our suggestions will work with other applications as well. expand full story

March 27

Marshall has announced this morning that it is expanding its lineup of Bluetooth headphones with the new Mid ANC. Over the last few years Marshall has methodically been building its headphone offerings, but today’s release is the first pair to offer active noise cancellation.

If you’re familiar with Marshall’s stylings at all, you’ll notice that today’s release has familiar looks based on the brand’s iconic designs. The Mid ANC is a follow-up to the Mid Bluetooth, which is fairly similar in both function and layout. More below.

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March 24

Behind the Screens is a weekly 9to5Toys series that takes you through our writers’ setups, be it mobile, desktop, gaming or home theater. Next up is Bradley Chambers, he writes a weekly column called Making the Grade for 9to5Mac.

Welcome to my office! My name is Bradley Chambers, and I write over at 9to5Mac with a weekly article on Apple in K-12 education. In addition to writing for 9to5Mac, I also write for The Sweet Setup and Tools and Toys. Over at The Sweet Setup, we cover the best apps and workflows for the Apple ecosystem. Because of that, a lot of my apps are usually “in transition”. While I usually settle on a set of core apps, I tend to bounce around a lot. I also find switching up apps to be a healthy way to make sure your devices/services are still meeting the majority of your needs.

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March 23

Amazon Link/ CodeAZBF7HCC at checkout $585.19+$10 <week ground shipping

I know a high-end ebike when I see one and this Ancheer 250W is absolutely not high-end. In fact, it would probably be a bit of a stretch to call this a mid-tier electric bike. Ancheer, a Chinese company that also sells USB peripherals, Fitness equipment and other knickknacks, took a bunch of base level components and put them on a Huffy-level all aluminum bike frame and out of this concoction got a good sub-$600 ebike. So how good/bad is it? Let me tell you…

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March 13

Last we heard from Pad & Quill the company debuted the Heritage Leather iPad Pro 10.5 Case after the world’s first handmade all-leather iPhone X bumper case made an appearance late last year. Today the company is back to expand its accessory lineup with the new TechFolio Cord Organizer. expand full story

March 5

Today, the drum machine experts over at Roland are officially unveiling an updated version of the TR-8. The new TR-8S is designed to continue the company’s tradition of providing music makers and performers with some of the most iconic electronic drum sounds in history. expand full story

February 27

Wacom has been in the drawing tablet game for some time, and through the years has enabled artists, designers and engineers with first-class creative workstations. Now, the company is taking that a step further, and today unveiled its new Cintiq Pro Engine, a compact PC module that converts its Wacom tablets into standalone PCs. Packing high-end GPUs and more into its slim design, the Cintiq Pro Engine looks to change how digital artists create.

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February 24

Behind the Screens is a weekly 9to5Toys series that takes you through our writers’ setups, be it mobile, desktop, gaming or home theater. Next up is Justin Duino, a 9to5Google writer.

Until recently, despite having a desk and full-sized PC, most of my work was done on my MacBook primarily because it is portable and I could work from anywhere. It wasn’t until I moved my desk away from my TV and purchased a new UltraWide monitor that I actually found this set up to be beneficial.

Despite primarily using my Windows 10 PC while sitting at my desk, I still keep my MacBook and Google Pixelbook nearby if I feel the need to get up and move. All of this together makes for a great at-home workplace that I can use for work as well as play.

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Seagate’s 2TB Portable Hard Drive is a no-brainer at $55 (Reg. $70+)

Update: Back in-stock at Walmart.

Amazon offers the Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive for $54.99 shipped. Also at Walmart. Usually around $70, today’s offer is a new Amazon all-time low and the best that we can find. This hard drive is perfect for storing photos, videos or extra games on an Xbox One. Rated 4.2/5 stars.

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