[Update: Day 24] Count down to the holidays with LEGO’s 2021 Advent Calendars

A tradition of the holiday season here around 9to5Toys, each December we dive into what the latest LEGO Advent Calendars have in store. And for 2021, there’s so much to be excited about. With 24 days of different creations on tap, we’ll be taking a day-by-day look to highlight all of the miniature creations, minifigures, and other builds in the countdown to the end of the month. This year, we’re taking a look at what the LEGO Star Wars and City sets have to offer in particular, as well as the all-new Marvel version. So whether you’re following along at home or just checking out the builds to get in on the festivities, be sure to head below the fold to see how the 2021 LEGO Advent Calendars stack up. 

LEGO Advent Calendars 2021 — Day 24:

Star Wars — Holiday Mandalorian

After getting Grogu earlier in the week, we knew that the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar would have to really pull out all of the stops to stick the landing, and Day 24 is certainly delivering. Assembling the Mandalorian himself, things are a bit different than normal.

Decked out with an all-new festive print, the minifigure has a little scarf wrapped around the torso for some added festive flair. I am a huge fan of these holiday Star Wars characters, and this year’s have certainly been some of the best in recent memory.

Marvel — Infinity Gauntlet

Fitting for the milestone of the final LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar day, you’ll find an Infinity Gauntlet. The full-sized piece has room for all six of the stones, and interestingly enough, marks the very first set to include the entire batch of them.

My favorite part is that you can take out the Infinity Stones from the gauntlet and place them in the Christmas tree from yesterday as makeshift decorations. So it’s a really nice touch for pairing some go the most iconic items in the MCU with the festive cheer we’ve come to expect from the Advent Calendar.

City — Santa

As we see every year from the festive LEGO City set, it just wouldn’t be an Advent Calendar without getting a brick-built version of Santa. And for the final day of the countdown, that’s exactly what the LEGO Group is delivering. This time around, you’re looking at a Santa minifigure with the classic design we’ve seen over the years. He comes with a megaphone and cookie in the other hand, which is a nice change of pace from previous inclusions.

Day 23:

Star Wars — Hoverpram

After getting quite the festive, and adorable if I might add, holiday Grogu yesterday, it’s only fitting to receive the Child’s Hoverpram for Day 23. Marking the first time we’ve seen a version of this scaled to fit the minifigure, the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is finally delivering.

The build itself isn’t all too intricate, but gets the job done. I love just how well it fits in with the Grogu minifig and makes an already exciting inclusion in the holiday countdown even better. And with just one day left, it looks like the LEGO Group have saved the best for last.

Marvel — Christmas Tree

Over on the Marvel side of things, the second to last entry into the 2021 Advent Calendar arrives as a Christmas Tree. The build itself isn’t all too unique compared to what we’ve seen from the subject matter in the past, but has some interesting part usages that look like they could be hinting at something for the final day. I guess until then we’ll just have to wait and see!

City — Train Caboose

Pairing with yesterday’s train engine, today is assembling a companion caboose to complete the locomotive action for Day 23. Sharing a similar design, this addition arrives with a stack of miniature presents on the back. It’s a fun little build, but definitely not as strong as the Day 23 inclusions from the other LEGO Advent Calendars this year.

Day 22:

Star Wars — Holiday Grogu

Yesterday might have been something of a letdown, but Day 22 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is more than making up for it with the best build yet. Entering with a new take on Grogu, the lovable Jedi is now decked out in a holiday sweater pattern.

Exclusive to this set, the festive version of the new Star Wars icon is about as good as it gets from the world of LEGO Star Wars. And with just two days left in the countdown, it’ll be interesting to see how the LEGO Group tries to top this one.

Marvel — Thor

Over on the Marvel side of the holiday countdown, Day 22 is assembling yet another minifigure! This time around, we’re getting the God of Hammers Thunder himself, Thor. While the figure itself isn’t exclusive to the Advent Calendar, the LEGO Group was nice enough to throw in a scarf element and snow ball-inspired Power Blast piece. All in all, not to shabby!

City — Train

Wrapping things up for Day 22 of the LEGO Advent Calendars, the City holiday countdown assembles a train. This build fits in with the more basic designs we’ve seen throughout the month of December, but has a little more charm to it. I dig the look of it with the red and green color scheme. So this is by far my favorite of the brick-built vehicles from the City side of things in the set.

Day 21:

Star Wars — Weapons Rack

As great as the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar had been over the past few days, that comes to an end with Day 21. If my distain for the blaster rack earlier in the countdown didn’t get the point across, today’s inclusion of yet another weapons rack certainly should. This one mixes up the design and is a bit more interesting, but still pretty boring as far as these holiday countdown builds go.

The best part has to be that it includes both of the Mandalorian’s blasters, so we should be getting the bounty hunter in the final three days of the Advent Calendar.

Marvel — Mini Hall of Armor

Delivering one of my favorite Marvel builds so far, Day 21 of this LEGO Advent Calendar steps up to a miniature Hall of Armor. Depicting three mini Iron Man suits on top of a windowed frame they sit in, this is quite the novel little build. Even if it doesn’t include actual printed Iron Man microfigures, I love the usage of these characters to pull off the look.

City — Chimney

Finally! A festive build on the City end of the LEGO Advent Calendar. Day 21 has assembled a fun little chimney build complete with a stocking on the front. It’s a neat little build that makes good use of its included pieces, and at the very least is themed around the holidays!


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Day 20:

Star Wars — IG-11

Now that the final week of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is upon us, things are starting to get good. Day 20 here has delivered a brick-built version of IG-11, the bounty hunter turned companion droid features a printed head piece that’s identical to the past inclusions we’ve seen from the LEGO Group.

Whether you plan on having IG-11 serve as a fearless outlaw in your collection or a caretaker droid for Grogu, today’s incision is quite notable. I always love having extra droids lying around for putting in sets like the Mos Eisley Catina or Sandcrawler, and Day 20 delivers just that.

Marvel — Iron Man Toy

Assembling a wind-up toy version of Iron Man, Day 20 of the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar has quite the novel little build. Even for its size and limited part count, this is quite the intricate little model with a fitting red and gold color scheme. I love the wind up piece on the back as well as the transparent blue brick on the front to give off the Arc Reactor design.

City — Shirley Keeper

Assembling another named character from the LEGO City Adventures show, Day 20 of the City Advent Calendar is here to give builders Shirley Keeper. This sanitation worker fits right in with the truck we saw yesterday, and arrives with a nice printed design alongside a broom and bottle. Not going to say that this is my favorite inclusion so far, but another minifigure is always appreciated!

Day 19:

Star Wars — Slave 1

First up for Day 19, we have a delightful little recreation of the Slave 1 for the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. As certainly one of the more popular ships from a galaxy far, far away as of late, it makes complete sense that we’d be getting a miniature version of Boba Fett’s iconic starship.

In its form for the holiday countdown, this one stacks up to a build that fits right in the palm of your hand and does a really nice job at recreating the source material with such few pieces. So while this may not be festive, it’s quite the notable little build regardless.

Marvel — Avengers Tower

Keeping up the trend of miniatures, Day 19 is also assembling a micro-scale version of Avengers Tower. As the smallest recreation yet, this model makes the most out of its limited part count in order to deliver an instantly-recognizable recreation of the building. I particularly love that the silver frying pan piece is used as the balcony, though the rest of the techniques are pretty novel, as well. Consider me impressed yet again for today’s countdown inclusions.

City — Truck

If all of the other trucks from the LEGO City Advent Calendar so far hasn’t been enough, Day 19 is giving you yet another. This oddly-covered vehicle sports a crane-type attachment on the back and comes with a shovel minifigure accessory. I’m not too sold on the overall design and find this to be one of the more lack-luster builds from the City side of things this December.

Day 18:

Star Wars — Interrogation Droid

Starting things off for Day 18, we have an Interrogation Droid assembled for the LEGO Advent Calendars. We’ve seen these droids, and ones with almost an identical build, quite a few times in the LEGO Star Wars catalog so far. It’s a neat little build and fits in with the rest of the Imperial arsenal we’ve received from previous days in the countdown, though nothing all too special or festive.

Even if this one doesn’t end up staying assembled in my collection, I’m sure builders will find plenty of good uses for all of the unique LEGO pieces that are used for this droid. The transparent base that it floats on is especially always nice to have an extra of.

Marvel — Nick Fury

LEGO has been assembling a team of Avengers through the Marvel Advent Calendar so far, and Day 18 is finally debuting the man behind the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Today, we’re getting a Nick Fury minifigure complete with a little walkie talkie.

The figure may not be exclusive to the holiday countdown, but is a nice inclusion for those who still have yet to bring the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. into their collections.

City — Santa’s Workshop Bench

As for what Day 18 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar has in store, you’ll find a 2-piece build that lets you sprinkle some gift making into your brick-built town. The minifigure-scale creation assembles a small workbench complete with some tools and a pair of toys ready to be wrapped up and put under the tree. There’s a brush and chisel clipped into the side, with a duck toy currently on the working bench. Off to the side, there’s also a completed boat toy with some cargo.

Whether you use your imagination to say this is from Santa’s workshop or just someone else in a LEGO City crafting their own gifts, this is certainly a fun little build.

Day 17:

Star Wars — Imperial Light Cruiser

Turning our attention back to the Empire, or the Imperial remnants in this case, we have a miniature build of the Imperial Light Cruiser for Day 17 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Nailing the ship’s overall design, this is a nice little build. And even if it isn’t all too festive of a creation, I am willing to give that a pass as we wind down closer to the holiday and will likely see some more wintery inclusions through the following week.

Marvel — Quinjet

On the Marvel side of the Advent Calendar action, Day 17 arrives with a miniature version of the Quinjet. This vehicle is something of a mainstay in the MCU and the Avengers ride of choice. In this called down version, all of the signature elements have been worked in with some pretty nice parts usage to pull off the ship’s design.

City — Top Hat Tom

Day 17 of the LEGO City Advent Calendars is assembling quite the delightful minifigure who bears the name Top hat Tom. This aptly-named character arrives with a top hat and a scarf, as well as what looks to be some caroling lyrics in his hand.


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Day 16:

Star Wars — Keeboat and Ferry Droid

Kicking things off for Day 16, the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar assembles a pretty unique build. Straight out of season one of The Mandalorian, the Keeboat and Ferry Droid helps Mando and the gang escape from the clutches of the Empire down the lava river.

While this isn’t the most detailed of creations, it is definitely fun to see the LEGO Group create something as obscure as this. We’ll likely never get a full-sized version, and so even if there’s no printing on the droid, I’m still a big fan of this build altogether.

Marvel — Iron Snowman

Over on the Marvel side of things, Day 16 is assembling one of my favorite creations yet! Keeping up with all of the Tony Stark focus, today’s holiday countdown inclusion lets you assemble a snowman of the Avenger, an Iron Snowman if you will.

The build is pretty basic, but makes the most of its nine pieces. There’s a blank white Iron Man helmet at the top alongside some sci-fi blasters for arms and transparent brick on the front for the Arc Reactor.

City — Truck

To close out Day 16, the LEGO City Advent Calendar is assembling a miniature truck. This orange and green creation is one of the more complex ones from the set so far and definitely on the larger side for these smaller builds. It has the main truck on the front as well as a detachable bed on the back, and fits in with the same scale as the other vehicles we’ve seen.

Day 15:

Star Wars — Speeder Bike

Outfitting your Imperial army, Day 15 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar arrives as a brick-built Speeder Bike. This built is on the more scaled-down side of things, only using 15 pieces in order to assemble what would otherwise be a more complete vehicle from a galaxy far, far away.

It pairs quite well with the Scout Trooper from earlier on in the holiday countdown, but aside from the play features that come from that, isn’t the most exciting of builds. I do like how it gets the front fins right with the design, but the rest just leaves a little too much up to the imagination. I’m sure it’s asking for too much, but it would have been lovely to get a more full-sized model instead.

Marvel — Captain Marvel

Delivering what may very well be the final minifigure from the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar, Day 15 is assembling Captain Marvel. Sporting a slick blue suit with red accenting, the hero’s appearance in the holiday countdown isn’t exclusive, but still quite notable. We haven’t seen Captain Marvel all too often in the LEGO catalogue as of late, so it’s a great way to pick up the character if you already haven’t. The hero also includes some white Power Blast pieces, which can be shot out of her hand to take down Thanos or any other villains in your LEGO Marvel collection.

City — Fire Station

And last up for Day 15, we have a miniature Fire Station for the LEGO City Advent Calendar. This build continues the theming we’ve seen from the two weeks of the set by piecing together yet a microscale building complete with a fitting accessory clipped to the side. In this case, there’s a fire extinguisher that should come in handy for outfitting yesterday’s Fire Fighter.


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Day 14:

Star Wars — Blaster Rack

It has finally arrived. The most infamous day in the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar. Year after year, the LEGO Group keeps including these lackluster builds, and it seems that 2021 is no different. For Day 14, we’re assembling a blaster rack. These quite generic inclusions have long been a staple in the holiday countdown, and are far from a fan favorite.

This year’s does have the notable features of including two blasters, which go perfectly with the Stormtrooper and Scout Trooper from previous days. Considering those two minifigures didn’t include weapons in the first place, it’s nice that we’re getting them at all. Though a bit unfortunate we had to wait for a whole other build to make that happen. All in all, this will certainly be one of the lower entries in the Advent Calendar.

Marvel — Dum-E

For Day 14 of the LEGO Marvel holiday countdown action, today’s Advent Calendar inclusion gives us a fun and festive take on one of Tony Stark’s original robotics projects. The LEGO Group doesn’t exactly specify if this is Dum-E or the later counterpart named U, but since the former is the more famous of the two, that’s what we’re going with!

This miniature build is actually different than past versions and includes a little stocking! So it’s nice to see that instead of being on fire extinguisher duty through the holidays, Tony has tasked the bot with decking the halls.

City — Firefighter

Delivering the third minifigure from the LEGO City Advent Calendar, today is assembling a Firefighter named Bob. This figure sports a clean print on the torso which carries over to the leggings, as well as a bright red helmet and axe to complete the fit. There’s no alternative face printing on this minifig, though I’d say its quite the solid inclusion. Even if this is a named character from LEGO City Adventures, they look just normal enough that having an extra running around your brick-built town putting out fires shouldn’t raise any eyebrows.


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Day 13:

Star Wars — Scout Trooper

Assembling yet another minifigure, Day 13 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is here with the inclusion of another member of the Galactic Empire’s army. This time around, we have a Scout Trooper! Far more exciting than the standard Stormtrooper from earlier on in the countdown, this figure sports a dual-molded helmet with plenty of detail throughout.

While this minifig isn’t exactly rare, it’s far less common of an inclusion in the LEGO Star Wars lineup these days and should be a great addition to your collection regardless of if it’s your first for tenth.

Marvel — Presents

Putting the gift wrap station we saw back on Day 8 to more use, today’s inclusion in the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar unwraps a pair of brick-built presents. Including a stocking as well as a more typical wrapped gift, these aren’t particularly MCU-themed in any real capacity, but do bring some added festive cheer to the Marvel countdown. So while this isn’t the best of the batch so far, it’s not bad by any means.

City — Cookies for Santa

After a rough start, the LEGO City Advent Calendar is finally starting to deliver! If yesterday’s snowman wasn’t festive enough, Day 13 here is assembling a minifigure-scale table complete with some milk and cookies for Santa. It’s a really delightful little build and in my opinion, exactly what these Advent Calendar models should be delivering. This will be hard to beat going forward, and with just ten more days remaining the LEGO Group will have to pull out all of the stops to make that happen.

Day 12:

Star Wars — TIE Fighter

In what is a near-perfect follow up to yesterday’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar inclusion, Day 12 is assembling a miniature TIE Fighter. While not as detailed of a model, this build lets you recreate some mini space battles with both opposing Rebel and Imperial starfighters. The build itself isn’t all too exciting from a techniques perspective, but certainly gets the job done! So hard to complain about an inclusion like this.

Marvel — Helicarrier

Over on the Marvel side of the Advent Calendar action, the LEGO Group is assembling a miniature Helicarrier for Day 12. As one of the more detailed builds from this set so far, it crafts a scaled down version of the Shield vehicle with all of the signature features you’d expect. So while it isn’t all that festive, count me impressed!

City — Snowman

And to wrap up Day 12, the LEGO Group is piecing together quite the festive build for the City Advent Calendar. Finally, it seems like we’ve gone so long without a wintery build, and now the countdown is delivering. Marking the first snowman we’ve seen from any of the sets this year, today’s inclusion features a pretty intricate build with posable arms as well as a scarf.


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Day 11:

Star Wars — X-Wing

We’ve reached Day 11 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendars, with today’s miniature gift assembling another staple of the countdowns. We typically see one of these every year, and 2021 is no different. Assembling a miniature X-Wing, today’s build stacks up to 26 pieces. That makes it one of the more complex inclusions so far, as well. 

Almost identical to the one we got last year, the LEGO Group is clearly implementing a “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” strategy once again. Even so, these are always fun little builds and being able to close and open the S-foils is a nice touch. 

Marvel — Thanos

Over on the Marvel side of things, Day 11 of the LEGO Advent Calendar certainly does not disappoint. Giving builders another minifigure, today has you unbox Thanos in all his Titany glory. Well, sort of.

Instead of the usual BigFig we see for the character, we’re just getting the smaller minifig release. He comes with a scaled down version of the Infinity Gauntlet, as well as a lump of coal. Which is pretty perfect because if erasing half of the universe’s popular doesn’t put you on the Naughty List, I don’t know what would. 

City — Helicopter

And to round out all of the Day 11 action, the LEGO City Advent Calendar assembles a little helicopter. Modeled to be more of a toy than a scaled down version of the real thing, this definitely seems like a gift that’s waiting to be wrapped up. 

It’s a neat little build and certainly my favorite of the vehicles so far. But there’s nothing that’s all too eye-catching about it. Hopefully some more festive creations arrive heading into Day 12 and beyond. 

Day 10:

Star Wars — Tusken Raider Ballista

If giving our friendly Tusken Raider minifigure from earlier in the week a gaffi stick and some Tatooine terrain wasn’t enough, Day 10 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is returning with yet another fitting build. Assembling the second turret kind of weapon from the countdown so far, we have a miniature version of the ballista from the season two opener of The Mandalorian.

Already making a much larger brick-built appearance earlier in the year, the Tusken Raider Ballista is now seeing a much smaller version. And in place of the harpoon meant to capture the Krayt Dragon, you’ll find some 1×1 white studs to simulate snowballs. So while this might not end up being one of the best builds from the Advent Calendar, it’s hard to beat merging something from the Star Wars universe with some winter festivities.

Marvel — Spider-Man Drone

Continuing to give our friendly neighborhood web-slinger some love, Day 10 of the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar assembles a brick-built version of the Spider-Man drones from Far From Home. This build isn’t all too complicated, but packs a fitting red and blue color scheme. I wouldn’t say that I am overly impressed with the inclusion today, but it will certainly give younger builders some playability.

City — Hospital

And to wrap up yet another day in the LEGO Advent Calendar coverage, the City side of things delivers a brick-built hospital. This one stacks up to the same miniature facade we’ve seen in previous installments so far, and has a pretty straightforward design. While we’ve been left guessing what some of the builds earlier in the countdown were, it’s not hard to see just what the LEGO Group was going for on Day 10.

Day 9:

Star Wars — Tatooine Terrain

Giving the Tusken Raider from yesterday some love, Day 9 of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar assembles some terrain from Tatooine. The build leaves a lot up to the imagination, but seems like it would be right at home as part of the Trouble on Tatooine set from earlier in the year. The 9-piece section of rock and sand is about what we’ve come to expect from Advent Calendars and has a little clip to mount in a weapon.

Speaking of, today’s inclusion also assembles a gaffi stick for the Tusken Raider to hold, so at least he’ll be armed and ready to go head to head with the Stromtrooper from earlier on in the countdown. It may not be the most festive set by any means, but still a nice little inclusion.

Marvel — Presents

Following up yesterday’s Gift Wrap Station, today’s build for the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar is delivering some actual presents. Specifically, you’re looking at a brick-built version of the Proof that Tony Stark has a heart display from Iron Man 1, which gets the job done with only four pieces. Then there’s an actual wrapped gift, which has a fitting bow-like trinket on top. All in all, it’s hard to beat builds like Day 9’s here with both Marvel theming and some festive cues, too.

City — Monster Truck

And for Day 9 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar, we have a miniature Monster Truck build. This one isn’t all too in-depth or detailed, but certainly accomplishes what the build sets out to deliver. It would have gone a long ways to include some rubber tires for the wheels, but with what today’s inclusion was working with, I think a solid inclusion nonetheless. And as far as vehicles go, this is the best one yet on the City side of things.

Day 8:

Star Wars — Tusken Raider

Just over a week into the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, and we’re now getting the second minifigure! Assembling one of the characters that are featured quite heavily in the second season opener of The Mandalorian, today has you piece together a Tusken Raider.

The build is nothing unique to this set, with the same head, torso, and leg printing we’ve seen countless times over the past few years. Even so, it’s always nice to have another one of these Tatooine inhabitants in your collection, especially if you’re looking to add some extra play features to the Trouble on Tatooine set from earlier in the year. All things considered, not a bad inclusion by any means.

Marvel — Gift Wrapping Station

Continuing with assembling various stations in the Hall of Armor, we now how have quite the crucial element of any setup — a gift wrapping station. Sporting a similar build as we saw from the wreath earlier in the month, this one will integrate with the greater Hall of Armor LEGO sets and features some novel inclusions otherwise. There’s a wrapping paper dispenser as well as a pair of scissors on top that will hopefully pair quite nicely with some presents later on in the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar.

City — Christmas Tree

It wouldn’t be a holiday countdown without a Christmas Tree, and Day 8 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar is delivering just that. Making for the first festive build from the set, this 19-piece creation assemble a snow-covered tree complete with a gem star on top. It enters right at minifigure-scale, which makes this one a great way to spruce up your LEGO City setup with some holiday cheer. Even if the design is pretty simple, this is easily my favorite build from the calendar so far.

Day 7:

Star Wars — Landspeeder

The day every LEGO Star Wars fans was dreading is finally here. If the rumor of next year’s UCS model wasn’t already enough to send builders into a frenzy, today’s inclusion in the Advent Calendar will surely be the tipping point. For Day 7, the LEGO Group has included a miniature version of a Landspeeder.

In all seriousness though, today’s build is actually pretty nice. The biggest thing is that the model mixes things up from the usual tan design we’ve come to expect from the vehicle, opting for a light blue coat of paint that’s quite eye-catching.

Marvel — Spider-Man

After seeing a festive Iron Man on Day 1, the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar hasn’t been the most eye-catching in the past week. That changes today with the inclusion of the set’s second exclusive minifigure. Assembling Spider-Man decked out in apparel inspired by Homecoming, this figure is definitely one of the highlights — and we still have 17 days left to go!

Alongside a yellow vest with some Spider-Man markings, Peter Parker includes a cup and a churro to round out today’s inclusion.

City — Big Betty

Giving us the second minifigure from the City Advent Calendar, Day 7 here is assembling yet another named character from LEGO City Adventures. This time around, its Big Better, a cartoony criminal who comes with what is likely a stolen gem. And to go toe-to-toe against the police officer from earlier in the week, she sports some ice skates and a hockey stick.

Day 6:

Star Wars — Imperial Armored Marauder

Kicking things off for Day 6, the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is including quite the notable miniature model. Stacking up to be one of the detailed creations from the set so far, this Imperial Armored Marauder is giving builders a chance to build a smaller version of the vehicle from The Mandalorian. While we saw a playscale version released earlier this year, this is a fun little inclusion for the holiday countdown. It may not be festive, but hard to beat in my book!

Marvel — Hall of Armor Table

As for what Marvel is delivering come Day 6, today’s Advent Calendar build keeps up with the theme of decking out Iron Man’s Hall of Armor with some new gear. While not all too festive, the minifigure-scale build gives your characters a table to hang out around complete with a burger and cup. Considering Tony Stark was a a big fan of cheeseburgers, it’s no surprise to see that element of the build included here.

Still, I can’t wait to start seeing some more enjoyable builds later on in the countdown. So hopefully there’s still plenty of festive inclusions to be had from the Marvel Advent Calendar.

City — Police Car

Following yesterday’s first minifigure of the LEGO City Advent Calendar, we have a fitting build for the police officer. Day 6 here assembles a miniature cop car, utilizing 13 pieces to pull off the design. It also keeps up the pattern we saw previously of including a minifigure accessory clipped to the back, with the police car including a pair of handcuffs to use. Let’s just hope today is the final inclusion that centered around cops, as I’d love to get some more festive releases in the coming days instead.

Day 5:

Star Wars — Targets

Well, the notable builds couldn’t last forever. Each year, we await the entry in the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar that isn’t all too eye-catching. And Day 5 is finally delivering that, for better or worse. Assembling two different targets, these simple builds let you use the E-Web from yesterday to practice launching the stud shooter. Let’s just hope that tomorrow’s inclusion is a bit more fun to assemble and fits better with the holiday theming.

Marvel — Grill

Continuing the disappointment from the Star Wars side of the LEGO Advent Calendars, the Marvel kit is assembling a grill. That’s right, just a miniature grill. I suppose this one fits in with the decking out your Avengers Compound with some gear, be it the wreath from Day 3 or today’s appliance. It’s not the best creation, but is a nifty build all things considered.

City — Sam Grizzled

And marking the very first minifigure from the City side of things, Day 5 is giving us Sam Grizzled. This named character from LEGO City Adventures isn’t exclusive to the set, and comes complete with a hockey stick and puck.

Day 4:

Star Wars — E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster

In what seems to be a staple of every LEGO Advent Calendar, this year we’re getting yet another E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster for Day 4. This one is on the more intricate side compared to previous models, and gets the job done for recreating the weapon that’s made appearances throughout the Star Wars canon. I do like that this one trades in the usual transparent studs for some white ones to simulate snowballs, which fits in much more with the rest of the kit’s festive theming.

Marvel — Black Widow

Giving us the second minifigure from the Marvel LEGO Advent Calendar, Day 4 is assembling Black Widow! While not unique to this set, the secret agent Avenger hasn’t been the most common in Marvel sets as of late, so this is quite a nice inclusion for anyone who hasn’t brought this figure to their collections already.

Not to mention, she comes with her signature electroshock batons as well as a marshmallow stuck to one of them. So extra points for the festive inclusion!

City — Ambulance

And to wrap up Day 4 of the LEGO Advent Calendars, the City side of things is assembling a miniature ambulance. Marking the second vehicle from the set so far, this one is on the smaller side compared to Day 1’s trolley. There’s still some nice details that make it quite apparent that this is in fact a medial vehicle. If the red and white color scheme wasn’t enough, there’s a little bandage element clipped to the back to really drive home just what this build is supposed to be.

Day 3:

Star Wars — Stormtrooper

Entering as the miniature gift for Day 3 in the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, we have received the first minifigure. And it’s a Stormtrooper! While not all too festive for the holiday season, it’s always hard to beat getting another one of these troopers to your collection. In this case, you’re looking at the newest version of the Imperial army builder, with the dual-molded helmet and leg printing.

Marvel — Hall of Armor Wreath

Serving as something of a miniature expansion to 2019’s Iron Man Hall of Armor, today’s build assembles a single section complete with a festive wreath. It’s really lovely to see something like this included in the Marvel Advent Calendar, and a great way to continue building out one of the cooler LEGO playsets in recent memory. Oh and the holiday focus is also quite appreciated, too!

City — North Poll Decor

Finally! A festive creation. It only took three days, but the LEGO City Advent Calendar for 2021 has finally given us something wintery to build. For today, you’re looking at a minifigure-scale rendition of a snow-covered street lamp and sign. I’m willing to bet this is supposed to bring some North Pole vibes to your LEGO City setup, and it accomplishes that pretty well.

Day 2:

Star Wars — Riot Mar’s Starfighter

We’re now onto Day 2, and the LEGO Group is giving Star Wars fans quite the obscure build for its latest Advent Calendar creation. This time around, there is a pretty neat miniature build of Riot Mar’s Starfighter. If you’re asking yourself who that even is, this bounty hunter quickly appeared in chapter 5 of The Mandalorian, as yet another outlaw hoping to cash-in on apprehending the asset.

Even if it isn’t the most recognized starfighter in the Star Wars universe, the build has quite the novel design to it and certainly stands out in a sea of the usual suspects we see. Plus, it pairs pairs well with the Razor Crest from yesterday for some small-scale space dogfighting action. So consider me impressed by yet another build.

Marvel — Iron Man Pulse Blasts

As for what we’re assembling on the LEGO Marvel front today, there really isn’t much building to be done. In what is more of an upgrade to yesterday’s inclusion, Day 2 features a series of LEGO energy blast pieces. The assortment is what we’re used to seeing from larger sets that include the added play features of being able to make it look like various characters are using some kind of attack, and today’s inclusion let you do just that with Iron Man. Not the best day we’ve seen in an Advent Calendar, but I’m sure younger builders will get a kick out of having these pieces in their arsenal.

City — Car Wash

Wrapping things up for Day 2, on the City side of the LEGO Advent Calendars we have… a Car Wash! The miniature build leaves quite a bit up to the imagination, which I suppose is a perk after all, but it took me a second to actually figure out what this one was supposed to be. Yesterday’s bus/trolley fits right inside of it, so there’s some play features there. But ultimately, there’s not too much to write home about this one. Hoping things start picking up.

Day 1:

Star Wars — Razor Crest

Kicking off a whole new year of festive creations, the Star Wars side of the LEGO Advent Calendars is starting out quite strong. For Day 1, we’re looking at one of the more popular vehicles from a galaxy far, far away as of late — the Razor Crest. Fitting for the theming around The Mandalorian, this miniature model gives fans another chance to assemble the starfighter. Albeit in a much smaller package than last year’s playscale model.

All 25 of the utilized pieces here are put to good work in order to deliver a nifty little recreation of the vehicle. It might not be festively-themed, but consider this quite a nice start to this year’s holiday countdown.

Marvel — Holiday Sweater Iron Man

Keeping up with the great start, the LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar starts off Day 1 with what will likely be the set’s best inclusion. Marking an all-new version of Tony Stark, the holiday sweater-clad Avenger rocks an Arc Reactor-themed knit print on the torso alongside his Iron Man helmet. The details on the actual design are quite nicely done and the execution delivers about all you could ask for from a festive set.

City — Trolley

As for the City side of things, the latest 2021 LEGO Advent Calendar isn’t quite keeping up. The 15-piece build assembles what I can only imagine is a bus, but calling it a trolley seems a bit more festive. So we’ll go with that! It’s quite the simple build, but is effective as recreating some vehicle. I guess you can use your imagination to bring this one to life how you see fit.

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