Canon launches new R10 24MP APS-C mirrorless camera with entry-level $979 price tag

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After being announced back in late May, Canon is officially launching its all-new EOS R10 mirrorless camera. Expanding the popular R series of cameras, the R10 is the first to use an APS-C 24MP sensor as the entry-level option. The R7 was announced at the same time, but it is expected to launch later this year and is one tier higher than the R10 that is launching today.

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Canon launches first R Series APS-C cameras with 32.5MP R7 and 24MP R10 from $979

Recently, Canon updated its iconic R Series of cameras with an all-new form factor: APS-C. That’s right, there are two new cameras being introduced today with the R7 and R10, both featuring mirrorless APS-C sensors. The R7 packs a whopping 32.5MP sensor while the R10 comes in at 24MP, but both are powerhouses in their own right. So, without further ado, let’s see if either the Canon EOS R7 or R10 will be your next mirrorless camera.

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Canon spills details on its upcoming 8K camera and more-affordable EOS R6

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When Canon announced its EOS R5 camera back in April, it caught our eye and the attention of many others with its 8K RAW and 4K 120fps recording capabilities. Since we’ve been itching for actual specifications. Today is the day we find out all of the details, and many will agree that it’s exciting news. Not only will we get a 45-megapixel EOS R5, but there’s also a more-affordable R6 that Canon states is aimed at “advanced amateurs.” Continue reading to learn more.

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Turn your Canon DSLR into a webcam using the EOS Utility Beta

Canon just released a new piece of software dubbed the “EOS Webcam Utility Beta” that allows you to turn select DSLRs into webcams for video conferencing. You’ll just need a USB cable and supported DSLR (more on that later) to take advantage of this new feature. It can be hard to pick up a webcam right now, so, if you have one of Canon’s newer DSLRs, then you might be in luck.

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The Canon EOS R5 is an insane full-frame camera with 8K RAW recording

Earlier this week, Canon finally announced its insanely specced EOS R5 mirrorless digital camera that we originally reported on a few months ago. Sporting a full-frame sensor, you’ll get crazy 8K RAW internal recording at 30FPS, 8K 4:2:2 10-bit Canon LOG or HDR PQ, 4K 120FPS slow-motion, and even in-body image stabilization. This camera is one for the record books folks, and could easily assert Canon to the top of the mirrorless race, placing them even higher than Sony’s current lofty spot affords them.

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