Caudabe unveils new 20W Conductor USB-C PD charger at a fraction of the size of Apple’s

Caudabe PD charger Conductor

Caudabe is introducing its first PD charger today. Officially known as Conductor, the new wall plug adapter from Caudabe carries over the design philosophy the brand has been known for with its iPhone case collection for many years – its yearly lineups are a mainstay in our annual best iPhone cases of the year roundups – to its very first charger. Delivering a compact ultrasonically welded power solution, it’s time to take a closer look at the new Caudabe PD charger as well as the introductory bundle sale price. 

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Caudabe launches new green Sheath Cases to match Apple’s Alpine iPhone 13 at 15% off

Brand new 15% off

Apple revealed the new Alpine handset colorway back in March and Caudabe has just unleashed its brand new Mountain Green iPhone 13 case to go alongside it. Caudabe has been a mainstay in best of roundups for quite some time and it is now ready to reveal its latest colorway to accommodate the new green iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Max. Best of all, pre-orders are 15% off from now through the end of the week. Head below for a closer look and more details. 

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Caudabe launches new wireless charging leather AirPods Pro case at $29 (18% off)

18% off $29

Caudabe – a mainstay in our yearly iPhone case roundups – has now expanded its lineup of Apple accessories with its new leather AirPods Pro case. Known as the Crescendo, it, much like some of the Cadaube iPhone 13 cases, wraps your precious Apple earbuds case in a protective shell with a supple leather finish. Unlike some of the high-quality leather leather AirPods Pro cases out there, this one sits with a digestible $35 price tag that just got even more affordable. Head below for a closer look. 

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Caudabe brings MagSafe to its most popular designs in new iPhone 13 case collection

Now Live! From $25

The new Caudabe iPhone 13 case lineup has now landed with prices starting from $25. The brand is best known for its minimalist approach and has now infused some of its most popular designs with new MagSafe-ready arrays for full compatibility with the growing range of magnetic accessories out there. The new Caudabe iPhone 13 case lineup is now ready for pre-order on the official site and you can get even more details down below. 

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