Everything we know about the remaining LEGO Star Wars 2021 sets

With much of the LEGO summer 2021 lineup already having been unveiled, we’re now beginning to get a better idea of what to expect from the remaining Star Wars kits. From the year’s latest Ultimate Collector Series releases to detail-packed recreations from The Mandalorian, head below for all of the details on what to expect from the five remaining LEGO Star Wars sets in 2021. 

LEGO Star Wars 2021 fall set expectations

So far 2021 has already delivered quite a handful of down-sized starfighters alongside kits straight out of the Mandalorian. While we’re still waiting on official announcements on the full summer collection, we do know that the LEGO Group is breaking the mold with some new 

UCS Republic Gunship 

By far one of the kits we’ve most been looking forward to this year, the upcoming UCS Republic Gunship has been inching closer to release since being confirmed all the way back at start of 2020. Now that we’re halfway through the year, the clock is ticking on when we’ll finally get a first look at the Clone Wars model. We’ve already hashed out all of the specifics of what we know so far, much of which has only been confirmed to a higher degree.

As a quick recap, the Republic Gunship will be themed specifically around Attack of the Clones appearance of the ship and will stack up to over 21 inches long. In terms of minifigures, we know that Jedi Bob won’t be making an return in the set, with Mace Windu and a standard Clone Trooper being the only inclusions. Lastly, it’ll clock in at $350 when it inevitably releases in the latter half of the year.

Mandalorian Forge 

After seeing the three latest kits from The Mandalorian announced officially last week, fans of the series will have yet another model from the bounty hunter-infested world to assemble later this year. Making pretty notable entrances in both the first and second seasons of the show, the Mandalorian Forge has quickly cemented itself as a staple of the universe.

Alongside Mando himself rocking the Beskar armor, there will also be the Armorer included with Paz Vizsla to round out the characters. While we’ve seen the latter almost too many times to count at this point, the other minifigs will be all-new inclusions to the build. Headlining is the Armorer who rocks a repainted version of the new Mandalorian helmet that was first showcased in the summer Clone Wars wave with Gar Saxon. On the other hand, there’s also Paz Vizsla who also has an entirely new look in the LEGO world. To help achieve the heavy trooper design, he sports a rehashed version of the chest armor that we saw with Wrecker in the Bad Batch Shuttle.

The Mandalorian Forge should be announced any day now and will likely launch later this summer. As of now it’s hard to say if the LEGO Group will meet the deadline on joining the rest of the summer wave on August 1, although otherwise we’d expect to see a debut on October 1.

UCS AT-AT slated to join LEGO Star Wars 2021 lineup

The real star of the show this year looks to be the 2021’s second LEGO Star Wars UCS set, which has been taking on quite a few different forms as the rumors have solidified. Back in January we reported it would be a new Death Star given the high part count and the old version of the iconic local being retired, but that has been updated to more recent and credible reports of the build being a AT-AT.

Still slated to enter at the $800 price point, the 6,782-piece creation will debut as the second-largest from the theme to data. Fans have been asking for the AT-AT to get the UCS treatment for years now, and it looks like we may finally be getting our wish. Given how lanky the vehicle is, it’s long been thought that the LEGO Group has had trouble actually turning it into such a large model, but as one of the largest Star Wars sets to date, the included bricks will likely be able to pull it off. In terms of minifigures, it looks like we’ll be seeing the same batch as included in last year’s play-scale model.

Our current reports note that we’ll see a launch following the actual summer wave, with the LEGO UCS AT-AT arriving in time for Black Friday.

Rumored mini Star Destroyer promo 

One of the least credible musings right now in the LEGO Star Wars world is centered around what to expect from the holiday promotional set that we’re likely to see. Reports are indicating that there will be a miniature version of a Star Destroyer delivered as a gift with purchase come November, which should line up quite nicely with the UCS AT-AT which has been seemingly all but confirmed.

Midi-scale Imperial Star Destroyer from 2010

As of now it’s looking like the build will be similar to other miniature creations from the LEGO Group, like the adidas Originals Superstar kicks that just launched and will enter with 369 pieces. The mini Star Destroyer is also slated to include a single Imperial Officer minifigure to complete the package. Of course, we can only speculate on how you’ll be able to bring this one to your collection given its promotional nature, although it seems like a good bet to see the build included in orders exceeding a certain threshold. Though whether that’s $85 like we saw on May the 4th or an even steeper $150 purchase like last year’s holiday promotion remains to be seen.

LEGO celebrates 150 BrickHeadz with new Star Wars character

Finally, the latest BrickHeadz will likely be launching by the end of the year as the final Star Wars set of 2021. Back in December of last year the LEGO Group announced we’d be seeing a character from a galaxy far, far away as the latest brick-built figure as the 150th addition to the collection. That milestone is quickly approaching, as the most recent BrickHeadz which launched as part of the Ninjago theme brought us up to 148.

Jar Jar Binks BrickHeadz MOC courtesy of LEGO 7 on flickr

With a fall seasonal set essentially guaranteed at this point, it shouldn’t be long until we see the 150th BrickHeadz. I wouldn’t expect to see the latest LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz launch as part of the summer wave, but right at the tail end of the year. There’s a low chance that the LEGO Group doesn’t release the

Now I’m sure you’re wondering which iconic Star Wars character we’ll see launch as the latest BrickHeadz, and it looks like the fans have already voted to lock that in. As part of the same vote that gave the 150th milestone to the Star Wars theme, builders also got to chime in who they wanted to see. And oh have the fans spoken. For better or worse, it seems like we’ll be getting a Jar-Jar Binks Brickheadz before years end.

9to5Toys’ Take:

With our expectations for the year wrapping up, it seems as though the LEGO Group has save some of the best kits for last. While our track record on confirming the rumors has been spot on in the past, it’s worth remembering that we’ve seen sets straight up canceled before on top of being rescheduled for a later release. Is there a set of the batch you’re most looking forward to? Or maybe your sights are already set on the 2022 collection of LEGO Star Wars sets? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to or you’d like to see in the comments below.

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