New G-STEEL watch features ion-plated bezel, solar-powered design, Bluetooth, more


A new Casio watch has been unveiled, and it joins G-SHOCK’s premium lineup of G-STEEL offerings. This unit boasts a two-toned gold and black colorway alongside several notable features. As with many timepieces, a solar-powered design makes the list, but you’ll also find Bluetooth connectivity and “highly scratch-resistant” ion-plating throughout. It straps on with a “new, sleek polyurethane black band,” and Casio touts this model as being tough enough to “withstand any activity.” Continue reading to learn more.

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New G-SHOCK Vital Series pairs smartwatch capabilities with ‘vivid light-collecting resin’

From a recent Pokémon collaboration to last year’s NASA-inspired timepiece, Casio rapidly continues to crank out new G-SHOCK timepieces. Today you will find three new smartwatch styles dubbed as the G-SHOCK Vital Series. These serve as an expansion to the company’s lineup of GBD-100 offerings. Each unit pairs with a smartphone using the G-SHOCK Move app. For those unfamiliar, G-SHOCK Move debuted in April as Casio’s first smartwatch with heart-rate tracking abilities. Notable features found in the Vital Series include step tracking, Bluetooth-powered GPS, and more. Continue reading to learn more.

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Casio debuts latest Pokémon collaboration with new retro Pikachu G-SHOCK Watch

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The Pokémon Company kicked off its 25th anniversary celebration earlier in the month with some announcements of its own, as well as details on upcoming collaborations to expect. We’re now getting a look at one of its first partnerships of the year, as Casio has just unveiled the latest edition to its BABY-G collection. Decked out in a unique Pokémon-inspired colorway, the new Casio Pokémon G-SHOCK Watch arrives next month. Head below for all of the details.

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Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK bears kaleidoscopic design, Bluetooth, solar power, more

From Swatch Q to Seiko’s upcoming Street Fighter V collection, there appears to be no shortage of limited edition watch styles to pick from. That being said, it’s going to be hard for many to compete with Casio’s new Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK. It features a colorful design that mimics what we’ve seen Samsung deliver in some of its smartphones. Casio describes its bezel as “kaleidoscopic” and manages to take things even further with a red translucent band. This solar-powered timepiece can be paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth to deliver automatic time adjustment, phone finder functionality, and more. Continue reading for more details.

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New G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER lands with carbon-infused design, Bluetooth, more

It’s been less than three weeks since Casio dropped its last batch of heavy-duty G-SHOCK watches, but here we are with a trio of new colorways that are ready to fill out your collection. Casio’s new timepieces bear the name G-SHOCK GRAVITYMASTER and feature a “unique Carbon Core Guard construction.” This lingo refers to each model having a resin case that’s reinforced with carbon fibers. Bluetooth connectivity is onboard, making it a cinch to find your phone, relay step counts, and even log altitude points for aviation enthusiasts. Continue reading to learn more.

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Heavy-duty G-SHOCK watches debut with industrial design, 10-sided bezel, more

Despite the fact that 2020 has been a bumpy ride, this hasn’t held Casio back from releasing a multitude of new and notable G-SHOCK watches. The latest lineup has been given the model number of GA900 and sports a tough, industrial design that looks as though it’ll be right at home with other G-SHOCK timepieces. There are three heavy-duty G-SHOCK watches in GA900 series, each of which sports a 10-sided bezel that “resembles the shape of a nut.” Four visible screws on the front secure it in place and give it a rugged look. Continue reading to learn more.

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New G-SHOCK stopwatch debuts in a bright and bold colorway

The latest G-SHOCK stopwatch is the result of a partnership with BEAMS. While not the first time these two have collaborated, this release will arguably stand out from a majority of those found in the G-SHOCK lineup. This is thanks to a retro look and feel that hasn’t been seen in other 2020 G-SHOCK releases.

It forfeits all forms of smart technology found in G-SHOCK Move, the white design look of its limited-edition NASA release, and even solar charging capabilities found in the new FROGMAN. Instead you’ll find a bright and cheerful design, affordable price tag, and digital screen focused on up to 10-hour stopwatch time tracking. Continue reading to learn more.

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