Amazon’s Kindle E-reader portfolio has many models and configurations, which is best for you?

Many have tried to compete in the E-reader space, and most have failed when going head-to-head with Kindle. While there are many reasons why the Amazon Kindle lineup continues to pull ahead of the competition, a nice level of quality, support, and variety found across the portfolio is certainly part of the equation. Since there are several models to choose from, many folks could have a hard time picking the perfect device to suit their needs. Thankfully, this guide is here to help clarify the features that distinguish each model in order to make your decision a much easier one.

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Twelve South unveils BookBook for Kindle, supporting a brand other than Apple

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Twelve South is a brand that’s garnered a lot of attention by committing itself solely to the development of Apple product accessories. Despite this, the company has managed to create a vast catalog of items ranging from stands for iPad and MacBook to cases for iPhone and AirPods. The launch of BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite signals that Twelve South is beginning to venture outside of the Apple ecosystem, paving the way for potential excitement among Android, PC, and Chromebook enthusiasts. Continue reading to learn more.

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Amazon refreshes Kindle Paperwhite with new Plum and Sage colorways

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Amazon’s latest Kindle Paperwhite first hit the scene back in 2018, and now roughly 2-years later, is getting refreshed with two new color options. Now with the introduction of Plum and Sage styles, there are four different designs to choose from for the widely-popular eReader. Head below for all of the details from today’s addition to the Kindle lineup, including pricing and availability.

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