Amazon clears out prev-gen. Kindle Paperwhite at second-best price of $80 (Save $50)

Following the all-new edition launching earlier this week, Amazon is now offering its previous-generation Kindle Paperwhite at $79.99 shipped for the 8GB Ad-Supported model. Normally fetching $130, you’re looking at $50 in savings while undercutting our previous mention by $5 in order to mark the second-best price yet. While not the latest model, Kindle Paperwhite still arrives to deliver a compelling reading experience this summer complete with a glare-free 300 ppl display that makes it easy to read just about anywhere, even in direct sunlight. Its built-in battery goes weeks on a single charge and added IPX8 splash-resistance ensures that reading in the tub or poolside won’t be a problem, either. Plus with 8GB of storage, you’ll have plenty of room for books, comics, and more. Over 123,000 customers have left a 4.6/5 star rating, and you can head below for more.

Amazon officially announces Kindle Paperwhite 5, pre-order now

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After being leaked yesterday, Amazon is now officially ready to announce its all-new Kindle Paperwhite 5. Delivering refreshed 6.8-inch displays, the latest E-readers from Amazon are now available for pre-order ahead of shipping next month. Head below for all of the details on the new Kindle Paperwhite 5 and Paperwhite 5 Signature Edition.

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Amazon leaks its upcoming Kindle Paperwhite 5 ahead of next week’s event

Ahead of its new hardware showcase next week, a new Kindle Paperwhite has leaked from Amazon. Delivering plenty of improvements from the existing model, the upcoming E-reader will arrive in two different versions with color temperature-adjustable screens, auto-adapting brightness, and a larger 6.8-inch display. Head below for all of the details so far on the upcoming Kindle Paperwhite 5.

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Amazon unveils Kindle Vella, a serialized reading service with three free episodes in every series

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Amazon has unveiled an all-new way to get your reading fix, and it’s called Kindle Vella. The new take on reading delivers serialized stories that seem very similar to what we’ve seen in the TV sector for quite some time. Best of all, the first three episodes of each series are completely free, allowing you to try until you find a perfect read. This new attempt by Amazon brings a level of transparency to book purchases that could prove to be a breath of fresh air for those who bought books to find out they weren’t a good fit after all. Continue reading to learn more.

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Amazon’s Kindle E-reader portfolio has many models and configurations, which is best for you?

Many have tried to compete in the E-reader space, and most have failed when going head-to-head with Kindle. While there are many reasons why the Amazon Kindle lineup continues to pull ahead of the competition, a nice level of quality, support, and variety found across the portfolio is certainly part of the equation. Since there are several models to choose from, many folks could have a hard time picking the perfect device to suit their needs. Thankfully, this guide is here to help clarify the features that distinguish each model in order to make your decision a much easier one.

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Twelve South unveils BookBook for Kindle, supporting a brand other than Apple

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Twelve South is a brand that’s garnered a lot of attention by committing itself solely to the development of Apple product accessories. Despite this, the company has managed to create a vast catalog of items ranging from stands for iPad and MacBook to cases for iPhone and AirPods. The launch of BookBook for Kindle Paperwhite signals that Twelve South is beginning to venture outside of the Apple ecosystem, paving the way for potential excitement among Android, PC, and Chromebook enthusiasts. Continue reading to learn more.

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Amazon refreshes Kindle Paperwhite with new Plum and Sage colorways

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Amazon’s latest Kindle Paperwhite first hit the scene back in 2018, and now roughly 2-years later, is getting refreshed with two new color options. Now with the introduction of Plum and Sage styles, there are four different designs to choose from for the widely-popular eReader. Head below for all of the details from today’s addition to the Kindle lineup, including pricing and availability.

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