Tested: Moment’s new iPhone 13 MagSafe cases are a must-have for mobile photographers

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With a focus on photography, Moment has just refreshed its lineup of cases with some new styles for the iPhone 13. Arriving with vibrant designs, MagSafe integration, and drop protection, the real star of the show is support for Moment’s lineup of smartphone lenses. Our latest Tested with 9to5Toys review dives in to see just how these these fair as they augment your iPhone photography.

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Moment announces its first collection of iPhone 13 cases with three new styles

Today, Moment is refreshing its lineup of popular cases for the iPhone 13. Now available for pre-order in three different styles, there are clear, leather, and silicone offerings to choose from which will be shipping at the start of next month. All imbued with MagSafe support, you can head below for all of the details.

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Hands-on: Moment’s iPhone camera lenses deliver a spectacular photography experience

Earlier this summer I picked up a set of Moment’s iPhone lenses alongside Nomad’s new companion MagSafe case. As cool as they were for taking photos around the house, I’ve been waiting for just the right opportunity to properly test out the iPhoneography upgrades. Last weekend I took a quick trip to the coast of Harpswell, Maine, and it was the perfect chance to put them to the test. Delivering a notable upgrade to my stock iPhone 12 Pro cameras, you can head below for a closer look at just what Moment’s lenses bring to the table.

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Moment Travelwear launches with backpacks, totes, and organizers from $39

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Moment, a well-known camera accessory company, is launching its Travelwear lineup of bags. These new backpacks, totes, and organizers are designed to let you work “at home, on the road, from the car, or even the park”. You’ll find multiple sizes of bags here designed to fit into any lifestyle, plus a selection of organizers to keep your gear neat and tidy. Head below to find out more about Moment Travelwear, launching November 2020 and priced from $39.

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