New Casely vegan leather AirTag keychains come with dual ring clips, now up to 40% off

40% off From $12
Casely AirTag keychains

It’s time to take a look at the new Casely AirTag keychains. After seeing the brand offer up to 40% off its red, white, and blue iPhone gear earlier today for the Fourth of July, we are now exploring its new vegan leather covers for Apple’s item trackers. Available in three colorways for $20 a pop, all of them are on sale, starting from $12 with the codes below. Head below for a closer look and more details. 

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Casely 4th of July sale: 40% off iPhone 12 MagSafe battery cases and more from $7.50

40% off Now Live!

Casely is now offering 40% off a collection of its red, white, and blue iPhone 12 MagSafe battery cases and more for the 4th of July. The social influencer-ready cases and designs are now 5% below our previous deal mention and at the lowest prices we can find with free shipping on all orders over $20. It’s not just iPhone 12 MagSafe battery cases here though, you’ll find more basic minimalist options and covers for a wide range of other devices all at 40% off when you use code SPLASH at checkout. Head below for a closer look. 

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Tested: Casely’s iPhone 12 case prints and wild patterns aren’t just pretty to look at

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After featuring an exclusive price drop on its latest lineup of covers, we thought it was time to take a hands-on look at the Casely iPhone 12 cases. More specifically, the iPhone 12 Bold Collection, which is the brand’s most protective case and is available in a range of fun and wild prints, colors, and patterns — much like the rest of its gear. While at first glance they might just appear as gimmicky, overly designed iPhone cases for teenagers, and they are great for that, you are looking at quite a cable sheath that offers all of the most important elements in a mid-tier offering. Head below for more details and a closer look in the latest Tested with 9to5Toys review for the Bold Collection Casely iPhone 12 cases. 

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Stand out from the crowd with an exclusive 30% off Casely’s unique iPhone and AirPods cases

Exclusive 30% off

We now have an exclusive 30% off all of the Casely iPhone 12 cases, MagSafe gear, AirPods accessories, and more for 9to5 readers. Featuring a wide range of colorful designs and unique patterns, Casely makes loads of bold and interesting covers to grace the outside of your precious iPhone and Apple gear. It is a great option for folks looking for something that stands out from the sea of dark colorways and flat paint jobs most manufacturers sell. And everything just got a whole lot more affordable with today’s exclusive discount code. Head below for more details. 

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