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Best of CES 2019

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January 2019

All of the latest news and more from CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

CES 2019 Stories January 11, 2019

At CES 2019, Ecovacs Robotics showed off its latest robot vacuum, the Deebot Ozmo 960. What differentiates the Ozmo 960 from some of the company’s other high-end cleaners is the implementation of AI that detects obstacles like cables, socks, and more. Once it finds these items, the robot avoids them entirely so it doesn’t clog itself and or damage the item in question.

Without a doubt, this is a feature that every robot vacuum should have, but don’t. Thankfully this type of innovation is bound to expand throughout the rest of the market since it is what consumers expect from automated devices. expand full story

CES 2019 Stories January 10, 2019

When it comes to taking photos or shooting video on your camera, generally speaking, an SD card will be your go-to storage method. With video files (and photos) only increasing in size as the resolutions climb, it’s getting harder and harder to shoot lengthy sessions of either photos or videos without having multiple cards around. With Lexar’s 1TB SDXD card, that’s a worry of the past.

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One of the biggest trends of CES 2019 appears to be consumer-focused laser projectors. We’ve already seen familiar brands like Hisense and LG unveil their own home theater projection system this year. Now newcomer Vava is stepping up to the plate with its own 4K laser projector.

From a distance, it appears that Vava is checking all of the boxes on its latest release. You’ll find 4K and HDR certification here, along with a 30W Harman Kardon audio system plus support for select DTS codecs. The question is, can Vava compete in an already crowded market dominated by some of the biggest names in the game? More below.

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CES 2019 Stories January 9, 2019

Microsoft’s Surface Studio is the king of Windows-based all-in-ones. In my book, Apple still rules the roost here, but the Surface Studio is a good competitor for artists who want to draw on their desktop. Now, Lenovo is entering the mix with its Yoga A940 all-in-one. Coming in at more than $1,000 below Microsoft’s Surface Studio price, this could become the go-to all-in-one for artists.

Lenovo didn’t skimp out on specs, either. The Yoga A940 should hold its own against both the Surface Studio and even some models of the iMac, though the iMac Pro still wins in the all-out power department. Lenovo’s Yoga A940 sports some very unique (and awesome) features, however, so keep reading to learn more.

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The Jammy portable guitar has gone through its fair share of iterations, but the company is now showing off the latest model. This new version has clearly addressed some of the potential customer concerns over previous form factors and is now ready for pre-orders. expand full story

Smart locks have been as popular as ever at CES 2019, with a variety of new models entering with HomeKit, AlexaKey by Amazon support and much more. Now we’re getting a look at the latest from Lockly, the Secure Pro, which shakes things up by touting five — count ’em, five — different ways to lock and unlock your front door. Head below to see how it stacks up to the competition.

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