PlayStation Plus 1-year memberships now under $28 with free delivery (Reg. $60)

CDKeys is now offering 1-year PlayStation Plus memberships for $29.89 $27.89 with free digital delivery. Regularly $60, like it fetches at Amazon, today’s offer is more than 50% off the going rate, $3 under our previous mention, and the best price we can find. Whether you’re jumping in for the first time, looking for access to the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5, or just need a discounted extension, today’s deal is worth a closer look. Head below for more details. 

New PSN sale filled with Games Under $20: Uncharted, Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, more

Sony has now launched a new PSN sale with loads of games under $20 to fill up your back catalogue. While time is winding down quickly on the wide-ranging holiday PSN sale, with it scheduled to end today, there are plenty more PlayStation titles on sale in the Games Under $20 event. Ranging from Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty titles to the Resident Evil remakes, and much more, this is a great chance to score some titles you might have missed over the holiday festivities or on those that weren’t included in the Christmas sale. Head below for more details and our top picks. 

Save up to 25% on Sony’s AirPlay 2-enabled 4K HDR TVs starting at $448

Amazon is currently discounting Sony’s lineup of X800H AirPlay 2 4K HDTVs with prices starting at $448 shipped for the 43-inch model. Here you’d normally pay $599, with today’s offer saving you 25% and bringing the price down to match our previous mention for the all-time low. Centered around a 43-inch 4K HDR panel, Sony delivers Dolby Vision and Atmos support on its X800H series TV alongside a dedicated game mode for a “more responsive experience” with PS5. You’ll be able to enjoy access to various streaming services, and there’s also AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support, Alexa integration, and Android TV features. Plus, four HDMI ports are included for hooking everything into the rest of your setup. Rated 4.6/5 stars from over 2,600 customers and you can get a closer look in our launch coverage. Head below for more.

Sony brings AirPlay, HomeKit, more to its 2021 TV lineup with displays up to 100 inches

Ahead of CES 2021, Sony has announced that it will be expanding its 4K and 8K TV lineup with a fresh batch of displays back by the new “Cognitive Processor XR.” We’ll be seeing new OLED and LED panels as part of this announcement, which will feature integrated AirPlay, HomeKit, and Apple TV support, expanding the brand’s previous offerings that also delivered similar features. Sony is also making room for Google TV support, as well, which will bring even more streaming services, apps, and smart home control to the mix. With various models up to 99 inches in size, this is shaping up to be one of Sony’s most diverse lineups in years. Head below for full details on today’s announcement.

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January PS4/PS5 PlayStation Plus FREE games: Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, more

Starting tomorrow, the first PlayStation Plus free games of the year will go live. After seeing Just Cause 4 and Worms Rumble on tap last month, it’s time to turn our attention to January’s PlayStation Plus free games. This time around, we are looking at a pair of PS4 action games and an apex predator fantasy for PlayStation 5. Head below for all of the details. 

PlayStation 5 giveaways headline tomorrow’s Fortnite tournament

After countless attempts to get their hands on a PlayStation 5, many still have nothing to show for their efforts. Both of Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles have been back in stock several times since launch, but supply never seems to last very long. Only folks who are at the right place at the right time get to take advantage of this approach. Thankfully, PlayStation 5 fans will soon have another way to score a brand-new console, the Fortnite Generations Cup. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players go head-to-head in solo matches with the winner of each match winning Sony’s latest console. Continue reading to learn more.

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Early indications show PS5 could be ahead in the next-generation console war

Next-generation consoles have officially debuted, and many would agree that it was unclear which manufacturer would win the highest market share this time around. While PlayStation 4 won last time around, Xbox 360 was more pervasive the time before that. Pairing this game of leapfrog with odd behavior from Sony in the realm of crossplay, a lower entry price for Xbox Series S, alongside Microsoft services like xCloud or Xbox Game Pass, and it wouldn’t seem far-fetched to anticipate a potential loss for PlayStation 5. Surprisingly, it seems like the exact opposite could be the case if the PS5 resale market can serve as an indicator. Continue reading to learn more.

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PS5 first impressions: Next-gen. graphics and a game-changing controller are just the start

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Sony’s next-generation console is finally here at long last and we’re taking a hands-on look to see how the PS5 stacks up and if it deserves all the hype. With improved graphics and an impressive new controller, there’s plenty to leave a good first impression here. Head below for a closer look at the PS5 as we review all of our thoughts on Sony’s latest console.

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PlayStation 5 launch day: When and where to buy

$400+ Live Today!

It’s PlayStation 5 launch day! Gamers have anxiously been waiting for this day for quite a while, especially after the PlayStation 5 pre-order fiasco, and it is finally here. While most folks weren’t able to land a pre-order back in September when they (sort of) went live for the first time, today will be your next chance. While only some retailers have given us any details on stock, we are expecting several listings to go live throughout the day today. Head below for more details on when and where to buy a PlayStation 5 on launch day. 

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Play PS5 titles via PS4 with new Sony Remote app

Just days away from the launch of PlayStation 5, a new PS5 Remote Play app has quietly popped up out of nowhere, according to reports. Not to be confused with the already available PS4 Remote Play app that allows gamers to run titles on “PC, Mac, Apple iOS, or Android devices,” this is the PS5 version. It seemingly allows gamers to use a PlayStation 4 console to control a PS5. Head below for more details and a closer look. 

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PlayStation 5 launch day sales will be online-only next week

Sony has now dropped some new details for PlayStation 5 launch day sales. PS5 pre-orders were admittedly an unmitigated disaster back in September when the units were scheduled to go live. Very few units were available and subsequently, not many folks were able to secure one for the holidays. But as we previously reported, PlayStation 5 launch day sales are expected to go live next week and Sony has confirmed as much on its official blog today. It has also dropped some details on how to grab one come launch day, just don’t expect to find any in-store. More details below. 

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Usable PS5 storage reportedly tops out at 667GB; these NVMe drives expand that

Update 11/5: According to a The Verge, Sony has stated that its NVMe slot will be “reserved for a future update.”

Over the last couple of days, photos showcasing usable PS5 storage have surfaced. Sony’s console is labeled as shipping with an 825GB capacity, but after all is said and done, it appears that owners will only have 667GB available to use. While it’s still largely up in the air how much storage next-generation games will require, if it turns out to be anything like PS4 and the like, many early adopters should be prepared to erase and re-download their favorite titles to make enough room. Thankfully, Sony had the foresight to allow NVMe storage upgrades. Below, you’ll discover which options should be fast enough to properly expand PS5 storage.

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Add the PS VR Aim Controller Bundle to your setup at $65 (Reg. $80)

Reg. $80 $65

Pro Distributing (98.9% Positive feedback) via eBay Daily Deals is offering the Sony PlayStation VR Aim Controller Firewall Zero Hour Bundle for $64.95 shipped. Regularly $80 at GameStop and direct from Sony, this bundle currently fetches $72 at Amazon where it hasn’t dropped any lower since 2018. Not only does this set score you a copy of the PS VR game, Firewall Zero Hour (regularly $20 on its own), but also the PS VR Aim Controller (currently $75 on Amazon without the game). Compatible with a host of PlayStation VR shooter games, it offers “advanced motion sensing and light tracking technology” in a two-handed controller for heightened virtually reality immersion. Rated 4+ stars from over 1,500 Amazon customers. More details below. 

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Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus, more hit PlayStation 5 on launch day

Sony has now taken to its PS official blog to drop some new details on Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and Disney Plus for PlayStation 5. It’s hard to even care about these add-on entertainment services while some of us are still just waiting to even get a PS5, but the gaming console is the center of entertainment in some homes and we now have a much clearer picture of how it will all work on PS5 come day one. Head below for more details.

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Refresh your PlayStation Plus membership at 50% off today: 1-yr. for $33

CDkeys is now offering 1-year PlayStation Plus memberships for $31.89 $32.89 with free digital delivery. Regularly $60, like it still goes for over at Amazon, today’s offer is 50% off the going rate, a couple bucks below our previous mention, and the lowest we can find. Histrorically speaking, the official holiday price drops for PS Plus won’t be nearly as deep as this, so it might be a good idea to refresh your subscription while you can do so at a particularly notable 50% off. PS Plus members will receive access to the upcoming PS Plus Collection on PS5, online multiplayer, the monthly free game library, deep deals on PSN, and much more. Head below for even more details.

Official PS5 teardown: Expandable SSD storage, quieter cooling system, more

With the PS5 pre-order disaster of 2020 behind us now, Sony has released a new teardown video of its upcoming flagship console highlighting the PS5 expandable storage and more. The 7-minute teardown video gives an extremely detailed look at the new machine from its removable side wings, detachable base, the expandable storage mechanism, details on the cooling system, and much more. Head below for more details.

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October PlayStation Plus freebies inbound: Need for Speed Payback and Vampyr

Sony has now taken to it official blog to unveil the October PlayStation Plus freebies. Last month saw Street Fighter V and PUBG (both still available to claim until October 5, 2020), but this month will see Need for Speed: Payback and the third-person action RPG, Vampyr. As always, you’ll need to make sure your PS Plus membership is in order to score the freebies. More details below.

PlayStation 5 will not be backwards compatible with PS1, PS2, and PS3 games

After detailing the first-party PS5 launch lineup and the new PlayStation Plus Collection, we now have more details on PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility. While previous details from system architect Mark Cerny suggested “99%” of the PS4 library would end up playable on PlayStation 5, it looks like older PlayStation titles will not. More details below.

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Here’s the PlayStation 5 launch lineup, PS Plus Collection details, and more

Now that the biggest details are out and pre-orders have begun, it’s time to take a closer at what we know about the PlayStation 5 launch lineup. Due to a series of delays and a crazy 2020 overall, we really haven’t got a definitive list for what the actual PlayStation 5 launch games will be. While there have been some titles already confirmed, we now have a much better idea of what to expect on day one (November 12, 2020) including the new PlayStation Plus Collection. Head below for more details and a closer look at the PlayStation 5 launch lineup.

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PlayStation 5 pre-order details, retailers, and more


PlayStation 5 pre-orders are scheduled to go live today. After yesterday’s PS5 showcase event, Sony announced “PS5 pre-orders will be available starting as early as tomorrow at select retailers.” While anyone who followed our coverage of the PS5 event will know some retailers went live for a brief time last night, early pre-orders for PlayStation 5 should go live again throughout the day at various retailers according to Sony. Head below for more details.

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Today’s PlayStation 5 showcase starts now! Release date, price, games, more

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Well, it has been a long road towards the PlayStation 5 release date and price, but today’s presentation should be the final stop before PS5 pre-orders go live. Along with fresh new looks at titles from Sony’s biggest studios and partners, we are expecting to get the official PS5 price and release date any time now. After Microsoft unleashed official pricing and pre-order dates last week, expectations moved to Sony to finally leave us with a cost of entry and start date for its next-generation of gaming. Head below to watch today’s PlayStation 5 September showcase event.

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Report: PlayStation 5 pricing could land at $449, disc-less under $400 + more

Well, we are about one day away from this week’s showcase, which will almost certainly unveil the PS5 price and release date. Sony’s next big PS5 presentation is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, but some new details from Bloomberg are giving us a better indication on PlayStation 5 pre-order availability as well as what could very well be pricing that undercuts the official numbers Microsoft recently unveiled for Xbox Series X/S. More details below.

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Official PlayStation 5 price and release date expected in this week’s showcase

We may very well be getting the PlayStation 5 price and release date this week. Sony took to its official PlayStation Blog to announce a new showcase event scheduled for Wednesday. The upcoming presentation will be an all-digital one being billed as a last chance to take a look at some of the biggest PS5 launch titles and beyond. But considering all of the details we got from Microsoft last week, we are very much expecting to also see the official PlayStation 5 price and release date. More details below.

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Sony now offering FREE video call backgrounds: TLOU, Ghost of Tsushima, more


After seeing some Star Wars options come available a few months back, Sony has now decided to offer up some free video call backgrounds of its own. More specifically, we are talking about backgrounds featuring images from its biggest and most gorgeous intellectual properties like The Last of Us Part II, the eye-popping Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding, and even some classic games. Head below for a closer look.

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Sony sends PS5 pre-order invitations and allows any player to request one

While rumor has it that the number of initial PS5 units being manufactured has significantly risen, it still seems likely that supply will not meet the level of demand many of us are anticipating. For this reason we put together a list of retailers that are offering to send PS5 pre-order notifications once listings have arrived. Despite this, Sony appears to be kicking things off a bit earlier with its own batch of pre-order invitations sent to select PlayStation Online IDs. Continue reading to learn how you can try to make the cut.

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Sony unveils the FREE September PS Plus games: Street Fighter V and PUBG

After seeing some big-time deals on PlayStation Plus and PS Now this morning, Sony has taken to the official PlayStation Blog to unveil the FREE September PS4 games. It’s all “chicken dinner and shoryukens” next month with the battle royale game that started it all and Capcom’s latest entry in the Street Fighter franchise (outside of that 30th anniversary collection anyway). As usual, you’ll need to be a PlayStation Plus member to access the free games and these titles will remain part of your library for as long as your subscription remains active. Head below for more details.

Sucker Punch reveals FREE Ghost of Tsushima Legends multiplayer raid mode

Sucker Punch Productions is revealing Ghost of Tsushima Legends today. The new online cooperative multiplayer mode will be available for free to all Ghost of Tsushima owners later this year on PS4. Legend is described as an entirely new experience, separate from that of the main campaign. This multiplayer mode features online battles via a series of co-op story missions, survival missions, and later, four-player raid-style battles. Head below for a closer look at the debut announcement trailer.

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Sony debuts new WH-1000XM4 Headphones with improved ANC and competitive price


Today, Sony debuted its latest pair of active noise-cancelling headphones as the followup to its widely successful WH-1000XM3 cans. The new 1000XM4 are equipped with 30-hour battery life alongside improved noice cancelation, the ability to pair two devices at a time, and a price that undercuts the competition. Head below for all of the details on the Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones, including how to lock-in your pre-order ahead of launch and more.

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Sony unveils PS5-compatibility details for DualShock 4, PS VR gear, and more

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Last month, we got our first good look at the upcoming PlayStation 5 peripherals, along with the all-digital edition of Sony’s next generation console. The new sleek white offerings include a 3D headset and the DualSense charging station, among others, but many gamers were still wondering if existing PS4 gear would be compatible with PS5 when it launches later this year. Will the DualShock 4 work on PlayStation5? Are the Platinum and Gold headsets compatible with PS5? Today, Sony has taken to the official PlayStation Blog to answer many of these questions and more. Head below for everything.

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SmallRig’s all-new Sony A7S III Master Kit is a must for any user

Yesterday, Sony announced its brand-new A7S III DSLR that offers killer 4K 120FPS recording, a flip-out screen, insane low-light performance, and much more. Today, SmallRig, a manufacturer of cages and other camera accessories, announced its Master Kit for the A7S III, which will become a staple of many when picking out a cage for their camera. What all does the SmallRig Sony A7S III Master Kit do? Well, keep reading to find out.

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Sony debuts video-focused A7S III mirrorless camera with 4K recording, more

Sony today is out with its latest full-frame camera, officially debuting the A7S III and all of its improvements for the first time. Improving on its previous-generation version, Sony’s latest refocuses the company’s camera efforts on video with plenty of noteworthy specs and quite a few firsts for the Alpha series. Head below for all the details, including launch information, pricing, and more.

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Sony’s flagship 4K SXRD pro laser projector packs HDR 10 + more

If you’re looking into picking up a professional-grade projector, Sony’s latest offering is perfect for you. The VPL-GTZ380 delivers 4K 60Hz 3D signals, 4K 120Hz 4:4:4 10-bit images, and packs HDR 10 and HLG capabilities, true 4K resolution, and much more.

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Get a closer look at the PlayStation 5 controller in today’s gameplay stream

Today we are getting another good look at the PlayStation 5 controller. The new DualSense gamepad is helping to usher in the next generation of gaming with a series of technological advancements over the DualShock 4 predecessor, along with a two-tone color scheme to match the futuristic design of PlayStation 5. Today’s presentation should be the first time we really get to see the controller in action after Sony unveiled it months before the actual console. Head below for more details and to watch today’s PlayStation 5 controller presentation.

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PlayStation Plus memberships now 50% off: 1-yr. at $32 + free digital delivery

CDKeys is now offering 1-year PlayStation Plus memberships for $29.99 $31.79 with free digital delivery. Regularly $60 at Amazon and elsewhere, today’s deal is 50% off the going rate, on par with the best prices we have tracked and a perfect opportunity to jump in. However, you can also use this deal to extend your existing subscription at a discount, no matter how many months might be left on it still. And you certainly don’t want to get stuck paying full price because you left until the last minute and just need to get online with freinds. Head below for more details.

PlayStation 5 production reportedly rises by millions, boosting pre-order odds

With next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles scheduled for later this year, many fans (myself included) are anxiously wondering if they will be able to get their hands on a console. Thankfully, the latest news from Nikkei and Bloomberg bolster chances of pre-order success with PlayStation 5 production supposedly having been increased by 33% or more. The exact number of units being manufactured varies between sites, but at any rate, this is welcome news to the PlayStation community. This news comes hot on the heels of Sony unveiling its PS5 game box design. Continue reading to learn more.

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Sony unveils PS5 game box design with look that embraces its upcoming console

A majority of us probably agree that both Sony and Microsoft have been milking next-generation console details for all they are worth. Its latest unveil of the PS5 game box design is a perfect example of this as many of us are going all-digital and may never buy a physical disc for either Sony or Microsoft’s next-generation consoles. In many regards, the new PS5 game box design mimics what we’ve seen for years, but some color changes along the top will arguably make games pair better with the new console. Continue reading to learn more.

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Sony is revealing 9 new PlayStation 5 indie games today + PS Now updates, more

A new PlayStation Indies initiative is being unveiled today along with a host of PlayStation 5 indie games. Shuhei Yoshida — the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation Indie division — took to the official PS Blog today to reveal new plans in the indie game space. After showing some love to small development houses in last month’s wide-ranging PlayStation 5 showcase event, Yoshida and PlayStation are now doubling down on the platform’s commitment to independent developers for this generation and next. That includes a regular smattering of new PS Now titles as well as a collection of brand new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 indie games. Head below for a closer look.

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PlayStation Plus celebrates 10th anniversary with 3 FREE games and more


Sony is celebrating 10-years of its subscription service with an extra PlayStation Plus free game next month. PS Plus turns 10-years old today and to mark the occasion, Sony is offering up some extra goodies and a quick look down memory lane as part of this month’s usual free game lineup. Head below for all the details.

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PlayStation 5 disc-less digital edition launches this year + 3D headset, more

It looks like we are getting a pair of new consoles this holiday season from Sony, with a standard edition and the new PlayStation 5 Digital Edition slated for release. In case you missed it somehow, late yesterday afternoon Sony hosted the very first game showcase for the upcoming PlayStation 5, and in a surprising twist at the tail end of the presentation, finally gave us our first look at the console along with a host of new peripherals, and a gigantic list of games. Head below for more details on the new digital PS5 and the upcoming slate of new accessories.

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Tamron’s 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6 Di III RDX zoom lens for Sony is a do-it-all beast

Tamron has been coming on strong with Sony lenses. My personal favorite is the 28-75 f/2.8 Di III, but the lens company also launched a 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III, and even a 70-180 f/2.8 Di III, further expanding its focal range coverage. Well, if you’re wanting an all-in-one lens, Tamron just launched it with the 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6 zoom. While it is a variable aperture, instead of fixed, this lens is a killer option if you need to cover a wide focal range at a single time.

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PlayStation 5 showcase! First look at PS5 console, gameplay, and more

Well, it has been a long road to today’s PlayStation 5 showcase event, but it is finally here. Sony gave us an official launch window for the upcoming flagship home console way back in October 2019, followed by an extremely detailed presentation on the machine’s internal specs, and even the new DualSense controller, but we still hadn’t seen what the actual games will look like. Never mind what the launch lineup might consist of. That (mostly) all changes now with today’s PlayStation 5 showcase games event. Head below for everything.

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PlayStation Plus at one of the best prices of the year, from $30 (Reg. $60)

This year’s massive summer PlayStation Days of Play sale launched this year with a PlayStation Plus deal in tow. That deal is still live at Amazon, but we are now seeing a much better offer elsewhere. Regularly $60, Amazon is now offering 1-year memberships for $41.99, but over CDKeys you can score one for $31.99 $29.89 $31.99 $29.99 with free digital delivery. Not only is this one of the best prices of the year (within a couple bucks of the lowest we have ever tracked), but it’s also a great way to extend your subscription at a much deeper discount than the official price drop or just jump in for the first time. Head below for more details.

[Update: it’s back!] Sony set to host hour long PS5 game showcase next week

Next Week

Sony has finally announced when we will get a proper look at the first PlayStation 5 games. While speculation had the full-on PS5 games reveal event set for next week, the schedule has changed slightly from those rumors, but has now been set in stone with an official announcement from President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan. Head below for all the details.

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Report: The Last of Us II and other PS4 games are compatible with PS5, more

With Sony’s new flagship console set for release this holiday season, some are still wondering how PS5 backward compatibility will work. Not to mention whether or not the last run of PS4 games will be compatible with the new console later this year. A pair of reports is shedding new light into how this might work when PlayStation 5 finally hits store shelves in 2020. Head below for all the details.

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Sony ZV-1 arrives as a compact affordably priced v-logging solution

After a few previews here and there, Sony’s much-anticipated ZV-1 compact camera has now been fully unveiled. The latest entry delivers a small form-factor with a focus on v-logging. That’s not to say it doesn’t check most boxes on the feature-side, headlined by a 20MP sensor and a quick 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens. In a world where everyone has a camera right in their pocket at all times, it’s crucial for cameras like these to deliver all the necessary specs to standout, and Sony appears to have fit the bill. Hit the jump for full details, pricing, availability, and more.

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Sony unveils new Iron Man PS VR bundle + FREE playable demo hits today

The upcoming Marvel’s Iron Man VR game is getting its own PS VR bundle, Sony announced today. The PlayStation VR exclusive is set to release in a couple of months time and we now know there will be a new PS VR bundle to go along with it. That news also comes along with word of a free playable demo on the PlayStation Network Store today as well. Head below for a closer look and all the details.

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Sony unveils gorgeous Last of Us II PS4 Pro bundle + new Gold headset, more

Sony just unveiled a new limited edition Last of Us II PlayStation 4 Pro bundle along with some other goodies. Among the very last blockbuster games of the generation, TLOU Part II is getting its very own PS4, much like the Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Xbox and accessories we saw last month. The new PS4 Pro bundle is joined by some themed accessories like expected DualShock 4 controller and even a new Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset. Head below for a closer look.

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PlayStation Plus 1-year memberships now on sale for $33 (Reg. $60)

CDKeys is now offering 1-year PlayStation Plus memberships for $32.99 with free digital delivery. Regularly $60 at Amazon and just about everywhere else, today’s deal is nearly $30 off the going rate, slightly below our previous mention, and one of the best prices we have ever tracked on Sony’s coveted membership program. Ideal for signing up for the first time or extending your existing sub, we’ve seen some great deals on PS Plus this year and during Black Friday 2019, but nothing quite this good. This is the most affordable way we have tracked to get online multiplayer on PS4, PSN game deals, and access to the monthly free game library. Head below for more details.