8Bitdo Stories December 10, 2018

Earlier in the year, we got a first look at the Playstation Classic. And now that the miniature console is out and making some first impressions, Sony’s nostalgia-driven gaming device could use some improvements. Accessory maker 8Bitdo is no stranger to augmenting the features of the Classic consoles that have been popping recently. Today the company has unveiled its latest add-on, the USB Wireless Adapter for PS Classic. Head below for a closer look and when you’ll be able to bring one home for yourself.

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8Bitdo Stories November 7, 2018

The new 8Bitdo GBros. is a wireless GameCube controller adapter for Nintendo Switch. Pro or not, many people still prefer the classic controller for Super Smash Bros. and with Ultimate’s release right around the corner now, this one might be worth a closer look. expand full story

8Bitdo Stories November 6, 2018

expiredEnjoy retro games how they were meant to be w/ this Switch controller for $21.50 shipped

Amazon offers the 8Bitdo SN30 Bluetooth Gamepad in GP Yellow Edition for Nintendo Switch for $21.64 shipped. Normally $30, this is a new all-time low in this color and the best available. These gamepads are perfect for playing retro-inspired games on your Switch. Though ratings are slim here, 8Bitdo is well-reviewed at Amazon. Check out our announcement coverage for more details.

8Bitdo Stories November 2, 2018

expiredAdd some retro flair to your Nintendo Switch w/ the 8Bitdo N30 Arcade Stick at $42 (25% off)

Amazon offers the 8Bitdo N30 Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC at $41.64 shipped. Normally selling for around $55, that’s good for a 25% discount and a new Amazon all-time low. If you’re a fan of fighting games or retro titles, the N30 Arcade Stick is a perfect addition to your Switch or computer. Rated 3.8/5 stars from over 100 customers.

8Bitdo Stories July 19, 2018

Retro gaming may arguably be at one of its most popular points in history, with everyone from third-party companies to Nintendo themselves cashing in on the fad’s latest peak. And while playing your favorite classic titles is a blast, giving up the modern comforts like wireless controllers takes away from the nostalgic fun. At least that’s the thought process behind 8BitDo’s latest retro release, which offers gamers the ability to convert their beloved classic controllers into fully wireless versions.

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8Bitdo Stories June 29, 2018

With the re-release of the Nintendo’s NES Classic, 8Bitdo, a company well-known for its retro game controllers is releasing an updated version of its wireless NES Classic controller called N30 2.4G. The new controller gives you the modern conveniences of wireless gameplay with the nostalgic look and feel that we all crave when diving into classic games. expand full story

8Bitdo Stories June 13, 2018

Whether you choose to game on the Switch, PS4 or Xbox One, the folks at 8Bitdo have got you covered with their unique line of retro-themed Bluetooth gamepads and controllers. And with E3 wrapping up this week, the company has decided to get in on the fanfare by expanding its lineup of offerings and debuting several new controllers.

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8Bitdo Stories April 2, 2018

expired8Bitdo N30 Arcade Stick for Switch, PC, Mac & Android drops to $46 shipped (Reg. $80)

Amazon is offering the 8Bitdo N30 Arcade/Fight Stick for Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac & Android for $46.06 shipped. Regularly as much as $80, this is within a couple dollars of the Amazon all-time low and the best price we can find. Rated 3.9/5 stars.

8Bitdo Stories March 23, 2018

expiredUse your PS4, Wii U, more controllers on Nintendo Switch w/ this adapter: $16 (Reg. $20)

Zhibinoppa (98.3% Positive feedback) via eBay Daily Deals is now offering the 8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Receiver USB Converter For Nintendo Switch for $15.97 shipped. That’s about 20% off the regular $20 price tag and the best we can find. It carries a 4+ star raring for Amazon and you can find all the details on our launch coverage right here.

8Bitdo Stories March 5, 2018

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you’ve likely thought about picking up Nintendo’s official Pro Controller. It’s a great accessory, and I seriously love mine. But, not everyone wants to drop $65 on a controller. If you have a PS3, PS4, or even Wii or Wii U, now there’s a way to use those controllers with your Switch easily.

8Bitdo, a well-known accessory manufacturer, recently launched a wireless Bluetooth adapter that works with the Switch, Windows, Mac, and Raspberry Pi. This accessory costs around $20 plus shipping from 8Bitdo’s official Amazon storefront and could be a game changer for many.

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8Bitdo Stories February 12, 2018

8Bitdo Stories April 25, 2016

8bitdo and Analogue have brought some some very interesting retro gaming gear to market thus far from the iOS/Android/Mac controller to the Aluminum/Gold remake NES console and even a Nintendo-Themed Bluetooth speaker. And now, the two companies have teamed up on the new wireless Retro Receiver so we can play all those glorious 8-bit titles with no strings attached.

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8Bitdo Stories January 15, 2016

Who doesn’t love some retro Nintendo gear? While original NES consoles are still available online, capturing the true essence of 1980’s gaming is largely a hit or miss experience for collectors today. Leave it to 8Bitdo, connoisseurs of replica Nintendo gear, to release the perfect Bluetooth speaker for 2D gaming fans.

Basically everything about the 8Bitdo Retro Cube Speaker is right on-point. We have full details below on how you can score one for yourself.

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8Bitdo Stories July 23, 2014

Next-gen consoles and supped up PCs are producing beautiful games, but they can’t replace the sense of nostalgia felt by booting up your favorite retro game. 8Bitdo is attempting to recapture that feeling by bringing to market a Bluetooth version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller. Other than two additional two buttons and a couple design tweaks, Nes30 was built to mimic the look and feel of the official Nintendo controller… expand full story

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