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The best things in life really are free! Here you’ll find music, eBooks, apps and more at the lowest price ever..Free!

Free Stories October 8

expiredAralon Sword and Shadow now FREE for first time in over a year on Android (Reg. $5)

We have a pair of Crescent Moon games on sale for Android today. First, Aralon Sword and Shadow 3D RPG is now free. The regularly $5 game hasn’t been free on Google Play since mid-2017 and carries 4+ star ratings from thousands. You can also now grab Relic Rush for free, down from the usual $1. Most of the reviewers gave this one a 4+ star rating for its simple gameplay and pixel art. It features over 100 levels and an original chiptune soundtrack.

Free Stories October 2

Celebrate Halloween on PS4 w/ Friday the 13th for FREE (PS Plus only), more

Well, October is here so it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit. This month’s PlayStation Plus freebies are here to help you celebrate the scariest month of the year with Friday the 13th: The Game. While it certainly didn’t review as well as we had hoped at release, this is a great chance to jump in for free in the days leading up to Halloween. Players take on the role of either a camp counselor or Jason Voorhess himself as the game of cat and mouse ensues. Sure, it’s flawed and won’t be the best game you play this year, but the price is right and it’s perfect timing. For comparison, it’s regularly $40, and right now a physical copy will run you about $26 on Amazon. More details and the rest of this month’s freebies are down below.

Free Stories October 1

expiredMind-bending iOS puzzler hocus. now FREE for first time in years (Reg. $1)

If you like some mind-bending mobile puzzlers, we’ve got a great one for you today. From the same makers behind rop, the highly-rated hocus. is now on sale for iOS. Regularly $1, this puzzler is free for the first time since December 2016. Late last year the game was updated for iOS 11 and iPhone X with a bunch of new levels added as well. It carries a 4+ star rating from over 6,000 gamers all-time. More details below.

expiredSEGA classic Streets of Rage 2 is now FREE on iOS/Android (Reg. $1)

SEGA launched its Forever Classic Games Collection last summer. The program has steadily brought many of the most beloved SEGA classics to iOS and Android for free. Previously we saw Golden Axe, Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Ep. II, and many more. After seeing the original Streets of Rage hit the service back in December followed by the announcement of a brand new reboot a couple of months ago, the sequel is now free on mobile. Regularly $1, Streets of Rage 2 Classic is now free for the first time (and permanently) on both iOS and Android. With both versions combined, you’re looking at a 4+ star rating from about 1,000 gamers. More details below.

Free Stories September 28

expiredRead “The Count of Monte Cristo” for FREE on Kindle

Amazon offers The Count of Monte Cristo Kindle eBook for FREE. Google Play Books charges $5, and the paperback will run you $5 or more in new condition. This is one of the best deals we’ve tracked for this classic novel, penned by Alexandre Dumas. (If you didn’t know, he’s also the one behind The Three Musketeers.) Rated 4.6/5 stars from 3,000 readers.

expiredPandora Premium is FREE for 3-months if you’re a new subscriber ($30 value)

Groupon is currently offering a 90-day free trial to Pandora Premium. You’ll need to be a new subscriber to take advantage of this offer. For comparison, you typically get 60 days free when you sign-up, with subsequent months going for $10/each. Pandora Premium allows you to search and play any song, create playlists, download music for offline listening, and ad-free playback. Not familiar with Pandora Premium? You can learn more about this service right here.

expiredFingerlab’s DM1 Drum Machine for iPhone is FREE for first time & from $2 on iPad/Mac

We have some great deals for all you iOS/Mac music makers. Fingerlab’s DM1 Drum Machine app for iPhone, iPad and Mac is getting some nice price drops today. Regularly as much as $3, the iPhone version is free for the very first time. Meanwhile, it’s available on the iPad for $1.99, the lowest we have tracked since October 2017. The Mac version has sat at $9.99 for years now and has finally dropped to $4.99. That matches the lowest price we have ever tracked on the Mac App Store. It includes 108 vintage drum kits, a 16/32 step sequencer, and multi-FX/automation routing. You can export all your beats to use in Logic Pro X or any other DAW of your choice. The three apps average out at about a 4+ star rating from nearly 2,000 users. More details below. 

Free Stories September 27

expiredSolve a mystery with The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection for FREE (Kindle eBook)

Amazon offers The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection as a FREE Kindle eBook. For comparison, the hardcover version sells for around $25 at Amazon. This collection includes four full-length novels and 56 short stories, making it an easy way to load up your Kindle library. Rated 4.5/5 stars by nearly 3,900 reviewers.

expiredWorld Conqueror 4 gets first price drop, now FREE on the App Store (Reg. $1)

World Conqueror 4 for iOS is now available for free. The regularly $1 app released in the summer of 2017 and hasn’t seen any price drops since. Today marks the very first time the game has gone on sale. While it has already amassed a 3.9 star rating from nearly 600 gamers, its predecessor carries a 4+ star rating from over 1,400 all-time on the App Store, for comparison. The strategy game features more than 100 historical campaigns including the battle of Dunkirk, the battle of Stalingrad, the North Africa campaign and more. It has also been optimized for iPhone X with specialized updates for XS and XS Max likely on the way. The rest of today’s iOS deals are right here and you’ll find more details down below.

Free Stories September 25

expired“The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” can be in your Kindle library for FREE (Reg. $5+)

Amazon offers The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin as a FREE Kindle eBook. Regularly $7 as a paperback, this is an easy way to expand your Kindle library and your knowledge of the man behind bifocals (among many other noteworthy accomplishments). Described as “the pioneering example of the genre,” follow along as Benjamin Franklin takes you on a journey through his life. Rated 4.2/5 stars.

Free Stories September 24

expiredTeach Your little Monster to Read while it’s FREE for iOS/Android (Reg. $5)

Teach Your Monster to Read for iOS is now free. The educational app has sat at $5 for over 200 days on the App Store and has only gone free a couple of times this year. When it went free back in March it was only for one day, so keep that in mind if you’re on the fence about this one. Fortunately, we are also seeing the price drop for the Android version over on Google Play and Amazon as well. It carries a 4+ star rating from hundreds. You’ll find more details below, and be sure to grab a $100 iTunes gift card while they are on sale to get even deeper deals.

Free Stories September 21

expiredAdd every Jane Austen Novel to your Kindle eBook library for FREE

Amazon offers the Jane Austen Complete Novel Series Kindle eBook for FREE. Regularly up to $18 as a hardcover or $7 on paperback, this is an easy way to load up your Kindle library. It includes all of Jane Austen’s most popular writings, such as “Sense and Sensibility”, “Persuasion”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Emma” and “Mansfield Park”. Rated 4.2/5 stars by over 5,800 Amazon reviewers. More details below.

Free Stories September 19

expiredAdd Garth Brooks’ The Chase to your MP3 library for FREE (Reg. $5+), more

Update 9/19 @ 4:37 PM: We also spotted that Amazon is offering the Garth Brooks’ Triple Live digital MP3 album for FREE. This album has 26 tracks, giving your MP3 library a nice boost. In Pieces is also available for FREE.

Amazon is currently offering Garth Brooks’ The Chase as a FREE digital MP3 album. That’s a savings of $5+ off the typical rate you’d spend on a digital or physical copy. If you are a fan of country music, downloading this album is a no-brainer. Rated 4.2/5 stars. Garth Brooks is one of the big draws of Amazon, besting Apple Music and Spotify.

expiredOfficeSuite PRO gets rare price drop on iOS: FREE for limited time (Reg. $20)

Update: our apologies, this app now requires a subscription after dropping to its current price. Thanks to everyone that reached out on Twitter for the info.

OfficeSuite PRO wants to be your personal iOS/Apple Watch productivity suite and is designed to provide a “fully packed office workstation at your fingertips”. Regularly $20, you can jump in for free. While we have seen a couple price drops at around 50% off throughout the year, the last time we saw it go free was a couple brief sales back in January. And keep in mind, both times it only went free for one day, so don’t sleep on this one. There are loads of interesting office-like applications on the App Store, but at this price, you might as well give it a shot. It also carries a 4+ star rating from over 4,600 users. More details below.

Free Stories September 17

expiredListen to any song w/ a FREE 3-month Pandora Premium subscription ($30 value)

Groupon offers a 90-day trial of Pandora Premium for FREE. Normally, Pandora offers new customers a 60-day trial and charges $10 per month after that. Note: This is only available to those who have never subscribed to Pandora Premium before, including free trial members. Fall is a time of sitting around and relaxing with friends and family, so be ready to turn on some calming tunes with Pandora Premium’s ability to choose specific tracks and more. You can learn even more about Pandora Premium here.

Free Stories September 14

expiredPanda Express offers $3 off online orders of $5 or more

Panda Express is currently offering $3 off online orders that exceed $5. Simply start an order, add $5 or more to your cart, then enter the promo code HONEYISBACK during checkout. More details can be found below or on the promotion’s landing page.

Free Stories September 13

expiredCelebrate Batman Day 2018 w/ Li’l Gotham #1 for FREE on Kindle

Amazon offers the Batman: Li’L Gotham #1 eBook for FREE on Kindle devices. With Batman Day 2018 just around the corner, this is a fun, and easy way to celebrate. Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen have a long history of DC comics, so they’re perfectly suited for this new release. More details here.

Free Stories September 10

expiredMoby Dick is a must-read, and is FREE on Kindle for a limited time

Amazon offers Moby Dick by Herman Melville as a Kindle eBook download for free. The hardcover sells for $12 while you can snag the paperback for around $4, and this matches our last mention from February of this year. Rated 4.2/5 stars from thousands.

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