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Kingdom Rush and Iron Marines down to $1 on iOS for your at-home entertainment

Ironhide is one of the premier developers on the App Store, and we are now seeing some very notable Kingdom Rush deals. Regularly between $3 and $5 for the most part, you can now score the Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Origins titles on both iPhone and iPad for $1 a pop. That’s on top of the regularly $3, and extremely high-rated Iron Marines — which trades the fantasy setting for aliens and mechs for $1 as well. While we have seen these Kingdom Rush games go free for a very limited time, now’s your chance to download them at the next best price. Between today’s sales and everything else you’ll find in today’s roundup, there’s several hours of entertainment here to keep you busy at home right now. These titles combine for a 4+ star rating from roughly 40,000 gamers. All the details are down below.

It’s now time for today’s best Mac and iOS app deals. we are becoming secret agents, organizing that grocery list, getting our digital sketch on and even sharing some premium Disney Mickey stickers. Today’s highlights include titles like Linea Sketch, Grocery/Shopping List Pro, Disney Stickers: Mickey, Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel, and Agent A: A puzzle in disguise for Mac, among others. We still have the stellar action-platformed Dead Cells at its lowest price ever right here, but you’ll find a complete collection of today’s best Mac and iOS app deals down below the fold.

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Stellar action-platformer Dead Cells hits App Store all-time low at $6

Dead Cells is a brilliant “roguevania” title and one of the best action platformers on iOS. Players take on the role of a “failed alchemic experiment” that must master frantic 2D combat skills and a wide variety of weapons in order to take down the minions in an ever-changing castle environment. Having sat between $8 and $9 on the App Store since back in November 2019, you can now download this indie gem for $5.99. This is the first notable discount on the iOS/Apple TV version and a perfect opportunity to add it to your mobile gaming library. Permadeath, nonlinear progression, MFi controller support, multiple control schemes, and more round out the experience here. Rated 4+ stars from over 3,400 Amazon customers.

expiredToday’s best iOS + Mac App Deals: Spirit Roots, Age of Rivals, many more

Let’s dive into today’s best Mac and iOS price drops. This is the place to find all of the most notable app price drops for your Apple devices, every single day of the work week. We have traditional 2D platformers, freebies for the kids, elegant writing suites, a “failed alchemic experiment” turned roguevania action platformer, and much more. While Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat is still at its best price in years, today’s deals include Dead Cells, Magic Launcher Pro, Spirit Roots, iWriter, and Age of Rivals, among others. Head below for a complete collection fo today’s best iOS app deals.

App Store Stories April 6

expiredToday’s best iOS + Mac App Deals: Earth 3D, Viking Village, The Quest, more

It’s time to kick the week off with Monday’s best Mac and iOS app deals. We are defending viking villages, teaching the kids, keeping a close eye on the stock market, and adorning our desktops with interactive wallpapers, among much more. Monument Valley 2 and Stardew Valley are still on sale for iOS, but we have even more price drops today by way of Montessori abc, GeoShred, Viking Village, Magic Launcher Pro, The Quest, and Earth 3D, among others. Your complete list of today’s best Mac and iOS deals is waiting below the fold.

App Store Stories April 3

Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat hits best price in years on iOS: $1 (Reg. $6)

You can now bring the The Cat in the Hat to life via the interactive iOS version at a big-time discount. Regularly $6, you can download this iconic gem to all of your iOS devices for just $1. As the unprecedented mobile deals roll on, you’re looking at the lowest price we have tracked on The Cat in the Hat on iOS in around 3-years. Very rarely does this one drop below $3 on the App Store, so grab it now for yourself and the little ones. Rated 4+ stars from over 1,800 users all-time. More details below.

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